Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


18. CHAPTER 14

                                              *Next Day*

                                            (Harry's P.O.V)


I asked Leanna yesterday if she would want to give us a second chance. And of course she said yes. I'm staying with them for the rest of my time in Philadelphia, which is 2 or 3 weeks. I was out with the lads at Bob's Diner, it's a pretty cool place.

"Harry it's your turn"

Louis said giving me an evil glare

"Truth of dare Harry?"


"I dare you to walk over to that girl right there and give her a hug or something"

I looked back and saw a girl sitting on a stool at the counter. She had red hair, huge glasses, and acne everywhere. I turned around getting out of the booth and sat next to her.

"Hi, I'm Harry"

I said holding my hand out she took my hand holding it in hers.

"I'm Verona-Pamela:

"oh that's a nice name"

she pulled my hand causing me to jerk closer towards her. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"You know you're pretty seeexy and I am too. We could do a lot of things together day and night cause I'm just that fun. I know you know that you want to."

She was rubbing my leg with her other hand. I jumped off the stole rushing to the bathroom. As I walked past the boys table I whisper yelled
"need to wash NEED TO WASH NOW"

They all laughed at me. After I came out the bathroom I hid behind two booths. When she walked out the door I went back to my seat.

"What'd she say?"

"She said nasty stuff"

"Awe was little Hazza turned off?"

Louis asked in a baby voice

"I will admit this time I was"

                                  *15 minutes Later*

Leanna came walking through the diner doors with some guy pulling her along

" What is she doing here and who is that?"


                              (Leanna's P.O.V)

Rob had called me asking if we could meet at Bob's Diner. I only went so that hopefully he would leave me alone after this. When I arrived at the diner he was standing outside waiting. He grabbed my hand pulling me in, I tried to resist but he was too strong. We walked in and sat at a booth a waiter came to take our orders.

"So what did you want to talk about?"

I asked

"Please I am begging you to just take me back I can't stand not being with you."

Why would I ever get back together with him he doesn't respect me and my child.

"I'm sorry I'm with somebody else now and I'm happy. He respects and loves me and Darcy and I'm not going to ruin that."

I grabbed the bottle of water I ordered and sat the money for it on the table. Rob grabbed my hand and turned it around

"Did you at least enjoy the concert?"


"Did you enjoy the One Direction concert?"


Everyone's head turned and faced towards us. Rob pulled me outside then answered

"Yes. I bought those tickets, they were my ' I'm sorry ' gift  after I started that fight with you in Target"

I looked through my bag and found my paycheck I just got. I handed him the check.

"What is this for?"

"I'm paying you back, you'll have the rest hopefully by next week."

I said sticking my hands in my pockets. He reached his hand out with the check still in it.

"You don't have to pay me back, I did it because I care so just take it"

I took my hand out my pocket and shoved his hand away

"No I have to, they cost a fortune"

" I said take it I don't want you to pay me for it"

He was becoming aggravated so I just agreed

"Fine I will"

We said our goodbyes and left separate ways  



First off, I'd like to bid an apology to all you amazing readers for my lack of updates and M.I.A (missing in action) behavior. My life right now is so hectic I can't even take a 5 second breathing break without there being something else to do. So I make a promise to you all that I will try my hardest to update more and have chapters up every other Saturday or day I get I'll let you know when it's decided. Love you all, Shae-Marie <3

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