Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


15. Chapter 11

(Leanna's P.O.V)

 "y-you're Harry Styles What are you doing here?!"

This is really awkward I never wanted him back in our lives. Now if she finds out that he's her father she'll expect things and us to be together or him to be around all the time.

"sweetie can you go up to your room please?"

"But mommy-"

"Darcy please"


she walked up to her room and I turned to Harry.

"There you met her you can leave now"

"When I said I want to meet her I actually meant meet her as in talk and get to know her"

I just let him in the house and called Darcy down. She came hopping down the steps

"yes mommy?"

"why don't you go in the living room and talk to Harry while I make you lunch"

She looked at the living room entrance then back at me with wide eyes and whispered

"Harry Styles is in the living room?"

"yea why don't you go talk to him"

she giggled and left


(Harry's P.O.V)

I was looking at my phone when a pair of purple shoes popped in to view. I looked up to see my daughter that I never knew about.


she chirped

"Hello! who are you?"

"Im Darcy I'm 3!!"

She was adorable and sweet when she smiled it showed her dimples

"Hi Darcy I'm Harry"

"How do you know my mommy?"

"well me and your mommy are really good friends"

she put her finger to her chin and looked up like she was thinking 

"mommy never told me that, she only told me about meeting a guy named Harry when she moved to Brytan when she was 14 and that she really liked him"


"yea...oh are you the Harry that mommy met when she was 14?"

"yes I am"

Her mouth dropped open. I put my finger under her chin and rejoined her lips.


"yes mommy?"

"Lunch is ready!"

she turned to me and asked 

"do you want to eat with me?"

Leanna came walking into the room

"Isn't your mum gonna eat with you?"

Darcy looked around and she saw Leanna standing in the door way.

"Mommy never eats, she always says she isn't hungry but when she does eat she only eats crackers or half a sandwich"

she whispered. I looked at Leanna and she was looking at her phone 

"So that's all she eats?"

"yea I didn't tell you"

She hopped out the room while grabbing Leanna's hand."

 (Leanna's P.O.V)

I gave Darcy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know Darcy and Harry were talking but I blocked them out.

"Thanks mommy"
"your welcome sweetie pie"

I walked back into the living room and Harry watched me from the entrance all the way to the chair I sat in. He was still watching me, I put down the book I was reading and stared back at him.

"Why are you staring at me?"

He was quiet for about 2 minutes.

"I am giving you my evil stare"

"why I didn't do anything?"

"exactly you didn't do anything"


He walked over and sat on the arm chair. He turned my head to face his and looked into my eyes.

"why don't you eat?"

I looked away from him and whispered 

"Because I'm fat"

I hoped he didn't hear

"Why do you do that? you put yourself down so much and I hate it. You're acting like you did when we were 14 when those suppose to be popular girls treated you badly"

I looked at him with tears brimming my eyes.

"I thought you were here to see Darcy"

"I am but I am also here to see you"


"what do you say to me staying here for the rest of my time in Philadelphia that way me and Darcy can have some daddy daughter time?"

Before I could answer I heard Darcy's voice

"you're my daddy?"

Harry's and my head fastly faced her direction.

"Sweetie come here"

she walked over and sat on my lap with her back turned to Harry she leaned over and whispered 

"do I really have a daddy?"

"yea you see the guy sitting behind you?"

she looked back

"Harry Styles is my daddy?"


she jumped off my lap and hugged Harry

"I love you daddy!"




sorry for not updating i've been really really busy and all my chapters are pre written and in a book i use. I'll try to update more but I dont know if I can depending on my schedule and I wanted your guys opinion on some things.

1: should I create a twitter for my movellas account to let you guys know what i'm doing with my books 

2: create an instagram or tumblr so i could post pics of all the new adjustments i've made to the story and characters 

let me know in the comments below! 


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