Mr Help

20th Of March is when I first saw him, Now I cant stop seeing him. I'm scared he's going to hurt my family. Jason has already seen him. I just hope I'll wake up one day. Look around see Jason in his bed next to mine and realize this is all a dream. But I know its not, Because I've got scares to prove he's real. The pain of the scares is the only way I know he's real.


1. The Night

I agreed. I agreed to babysit. I was actually pretty excited to babysit, Luca Franks. He was a toddler, 2 years old, Very cute. 


I walked into the living room. Martha, Luca's mum had just put Luca to bed, She was just about to go out the door, When Luca started crying, I said It's okay and ill go see him. 

She said thanks and left quickly. I didn't know the house was haunted.

Well not until I saw him. Leaning over Luca's cradle. I was confused at first, I thought it was David, Luca's dad. He had just gone out the door at the same time his mum went out. Then I saw his face, I cant describe him. He turned around and looked at me. He started running at me from the other side of the room. I had not a clue what to do. Its not like I've seen a creepy old man around 60 running Towards me, most old people cant even run.


I was in shock. I stood there, He grabbed hold of me, Through me to the other side of the room next To Luca, My hand was bleeding, His nails were sharp, like a knife.  

I grasped onto Luca, I looked for a exit. There was a window next to me. Open. 

I jumped out of the window, Landed on my feet and sprinted. 

I could hear him laughing behind me. I was so scared he was going to catch up with me, as he did in the house. I could see I house in the distance, I sprinted with all my might into the house, I didn't knock. I didn't care if I was rude. All I wanted was to get away from this man. 


I suddenly felt a massive clunk at the back of my head. 

Everything went blurry. 

I didn't want to crush Luca.

Nor did I want to fall over

But I did anyway.





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