It's gotta be you *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

Becca is a normal 17 year old girl in High School. She gets bullied all the time and she only has one friend,Michelle. But a new student,Harry Styles is in all the same classes as Becca,Will they fall in love over a period of time? And if they do?Will Harry cheat on Becca with the meanest girl in school, Rosie?


6. Kissing at the party

Harrys P.O.V


When I seen Becca walk down the stairs, I really couldn't believe my eyes! She was stunning, I told the both of them they look amazing but while Michelle wasn't listening I told Becca she was even prettier. Her eyes just widened, I laughed and we got into the car and drove off to the party. "Just to let you know the party were going to is at a club"I told them. They both nodded and after five minutes we arrived at the club. The club was called Light and as soon as you get out of the car you can get the smell of Vodka. It smelled horrible but anyway I was looking forward to spending some time with Becca. I really like her, but more than a friend, I don't know if I should tell her tonight . We walked into the club and the security guard asked for my name. He let us in and we entered in the club. Michelle told us she was going of to find someone to make out with, me and Becca just laughed at her. Me and Becca walked over to the bar to get a drink "What would like to drink Becs?"I asked her "Ohh Becs I like that em I'll just have a vodka and coke please."She smiled.The bar man winked at Becca, to be honoust I got a bit jealous. "Here you go babe."The barman said to Becca. "Don't call me babe, I'm sure your wife wouldn't be happy to hear about now would she?"Becca said,she grabbed my hand and we both walked of to the dance floor. A slow song came on "Becca would you like to dance?"I asked her. She took my hand and I brought her on to the dance floor. She put her arms around my neck and I put my hands on her waist and we started dancing.

Becca's P.O.V


Me and Harry started dancing. To be fair I'm starting to have feeling for Harry but I don't know if he likes me back so I better not say anything to him yet. I was brought out of my toughts by Harry saying something. "Becca , I need to tell you something, uhm yeah I really like you Hannah, but more than friends, I liked you ever since the day I layed eyes on you Becca."He told me. He then started to lean in for a kiss, to show him I wanted that I wanted to kiss him I started to lean in too, finally his lips touched mine. The kiss lasted a good 10 minutes. I finally broke the kiss."I've wanted to that so bad Harry."I told  him


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