It's gotta be you *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

Becca is a normal 17 year old girl in High School. She gets bullied all the time and she only has one friend,Michelle. But a new student,Harry Styles is in all the same classes as Becca,Will they fall in love over a period of time? And if they do?Will Harry cheat on Becca with the meanest girl in school, Rosie?


3. Harrys tutor

*1 month later

Beccas P.O.V


It turned out me and Harry have all the same classes which is pretty cool. We're starting to get along really well.We we're in Science now and we got our results from our test, I got a B+ which is pretty good "Hey Harry what did you get ?" I asked him "I got a D-" He frowned "Well I'm pretty good at science so maybe I could tutor you  if you want"I asked him. He smiled "That would be great! Thank you so much Becca!! You're the bestest friend ever!!"He squealed and hugged me.I laughed and asked him "So should we start after school then?"I asked him "Yeah sure  uhm meet me in the parking lot straight after school okay"He said.Finally the bell rang. Thank god school is over."Okay lets go."Harry said and grabbed me but the hand and pulled me out of the school and to his car and we drove of to Harrys place.After about ten minutes we finally made it.I got out and I looked up at Harrys house "Oh my god this place is huge Harry!Do you live here on your own?" I asked him "No I love here with four idiots"He replied. I giggled and we walked into his house. "I'M HOME EVERYBODY"Harry shouted "HAZZAAAAA" A boy in a striped shirt shouted and jumped on Harrys back "Hi Lou now do you wanna get of me now?"He told him "Haz who is this girl you brought home with you today ?"The wierd boy asked "I'm his tutor,Becca"I told him "Nice to meet you Becca,I'm Louis and I like carrots"He said and then skipped of to the kitchen "Sorry about him he's just wierd... but in a good way"He laughed "Okay lets go up to my bedroom "DON'T TRY ANYTHING ON HER HAZ!"Louis shouted. I laughed and continued walking up the stairs.

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