What if you found yourself inside a game? Lewis and thousands of others found themselves inside the online MMORPG: Swordsmaster. The thing is, there is no reviving, no multiple lives; if you die in-game, you die in real life. Lewis soon learns that the only way to be free is to beat the game, and that can't be done alone. Can you really trust someone you hardly know?


7. Losers Weepers

Lewis stood ready, should any of the guild members want to switch. He looked carefully at the three of them fighting, looking at their different techniques. Nina was using her thick sword to block the attacks from the monster, rarely striking at all. Mike had an equal mix of offence and defence, standing in the same spot the whole time. Then there was Adrianna. While she used her sword for attacking purposes only, the monster didn’t touch her once. She darted around like a fly, avoiding each of the beast’s swipes.

The HP bar above its head was slowly getting lower and lower, descending into the amber zone.

“Lewis! Switch!” Mike called as he retreated to heal.

He could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He attacked relentlessly, dodging attacks. He had much to learn in fighting on Swordsmaster. He lacked Mike’s determination, Nina’s bravery, and Adrianna’s agility. He swung his sword again and again at the boss’s ankles, hoping to disable it. At last it cut through and the large foot shattered into pixels and the boss fell heavily against the hard floor, lowering its HP to the red zone.

The leader of The Lune Legends raised his sword, ready to deal the final blow. But he was too late. Adrianna leapt forward and drove her own sword right into the boss’s chest, watching it shatter into millions of pieces and vanish.

A large text box rose up from where the boss had been not a moment before.

‘Congratulations!’ Lewis read silently, ‘Player <Adrianna> has defeated the level 1. Boss! Your reward is the <Dragon Crystal Sword>. It has been added to your inventory.’

“Adrianna, what is the meaning of this!” The man boomed, stepping forward menacingly.

“Hey, we never agreed on who would finish it off.” She brought up the menu and eyed her prize.

The sword itself was deep purple, with swirling gold patterns engraved on it like vines. The handle was black and long enough to be held in two hands.

“Finders keepers, right?” She smiled evily.

All eyes were on her. Some looked shocked and repulsed, others looked on in awe and admiration.

She headed for the exit, which was open once again, with her head held high and her eyes fixed straight ahead. Buttercup scrambled after her, followed by Mike and Nina. Lewis simply stood there. Everyone said she was so nice! He shook his head and ran to them.

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