Far away

The moment when everything in life was perfect was here, that short moment you have to love. Then my mom tells me I'm going to be adopted to Ireland because she has to work and that she i really sorry, it ruined everything. My mom is workaholic, loves working more then she loves and this is the prove. I'm going to some Mullingar place to live with a random family, my entire life. Okay, just the rest of my childhood, until I'm eighteen, but it is not fair! It's three years until I'm eighteen. In two weeks I'm moving, away from everything that had just turned good. I'm torn.


2. Chappie TWOOO

Hannah's POV

The next three weeks went by like nothing. Bobby and Maura were how cute and Greg was like my brother y'know. Niall's coming home tomowrrow.

"Han, baby, it's dinner now!" Maura called. I smiled big because she was like my own mother, but better.

"Coming!" I replied and headed downstairs.

The dinner was rice and sauce. It was delicious.

"So, Hannah, do you have a boyfriend?" Greg asked.

"No!" I laughed.

"Well, Niall will like her." He said and winked at me.

"Haha, yes he might actually. Well, he's coming tomorrow. I want to have a familydinner then, something special y'know." Maura said.

"Oh." I said a little dissappointed. "Well, I can eat at McDonald's or something." I said.

"No way silly. You're a part of the family!" Maura said. I smiled, she knew how to make me feel lived and cared about.

"Hell yeah sis. You are just as much of the Horan-family as I am." Greg added. I giggled.

"I love you guys. Even more then I love my real mother." I said.

Maura looked at me with a serious face.

"Hannah, remember what she has done for you. Always remember that. Even tho you can love us more and so on you have to remember that you have her DNA." Maura said.

"Of course, it's just that she hasn't treated me right. And you are doing right so of course I like you more." I said.

Maura smiled. "Well, time to get off to bed. Goodnight sweetie."

"Night guys!" I said and walked up the stairs.

I walked up to someone screaming.

"MOM! Why's this girl sleeping in my room?!" I opened my eyes and saw a blonde boy with blue eyes, like ocean.

"Hi, sorry. I'm Hannah. You must be Niall." I said and shaked his hand.

"Hi Hannah...." He said and looked at my clothes.

"Holy shit." I mumbled. "Just realised that I'm wearing pj's." I said. Niall laughed and smiled.

"No probs'. But you know who I am, I don't nnow a thing about you. Who are you?" He asked

"I'm Hannah Kneeson. I'm adopted bu your family. My mom didn't want to have me cuz' she loves her job more then me." I mumbled the last few words angrily. Niall looked at me with a weird face.

"Oh, uh sorry. I'm just quite mad at my mom."

"No, I fully understand. I just didn't know they had adopted someone?" Niall said.

"Yeah, guess it can be a bit of a shock. I'm sleeping in this bed and you in your usual, if that's OK?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure." He said.

The day went by fast. I had really fun together with Niall. He was wonderful. At the night Niall and I saw a movie.

"You choose." I told Niall. He nodded and picked 'Scream 3'. I sat down in my bed.

"Hey, Hannah. Come sit here. This movie is creepy." Niall said.

"Sure." I mived over to Niall's bed.

I woke up by the aftertext's coming up at the screen. Niall was asleep. I checked the time. Not weird, it was 03:00 am. Soon I realised that I was laying on top of Niall. Niall's arms around my waist and my hands at his chest. I giggle without waking up Niall and soon I was off to sleep.


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Love ya all you weird coalas. :)x

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