Love Not One

Stacey Jennifer Payne...Yup. Liam's little sister. Jenn kept in touch with his older brother for years and never broke the tie between them. But what if Liam brings his bandmates home for vacation and Jennifer catches the eye of Louis and Harry. Will this be a intense love story between the 3 or will their friendship be over? What if Liam finds out about this...


1. Stacey Jennifer Payne

Hello! I'm Stacey Jennifer Payne! And yes, my brother is the annoying Liam James Payne (in the ass) So when Liam went to join X factor in 2008 I was 13. We supported him but eventually he got disqualified or something due to his age, Simon Cowell said. But he said for Liam to come back 2 years time to enter in the X factor again and he'll be a success. 2 years later,.. I was 15 and he was 16 he re-joined the X factor and he didn't make it as a solo artist but he got into some band called 'One Direction'...I don't know them, only my big bro...Sorry but it's true. Right now I live with my parents, Karen and Geoff and my sisters Ruth and Nicola. Liam comes home seldom. But he is going home for 4 months here now! Yey! I get to see My Payne in the ass again! (Get it?) but the problem is... He's bringing along his bandmates... I don't even know them! Well... Here's more stuff about me:


Name: Stacey Jennifer Payne

Date of birth: May 24, 1994

Sport: Cheerleading (Varsity baby!)

Hair: Brown (DUHHH!)

Eyes: Hazel

Characteristics: Funny, flirty, daring, smart, flexible, hipster, book worm

Dislikes: Cheating assholes who never give a f*ck about their own life...'I am the best' people

Math, school b*tches...Dick heads.

Likes: My family, Liam (as a brother), my puppy (Candy), books, boys, My phone and laptop.


Tagline: 'Whatever you do... You have to face the consequence whether good neither bad. You need to learn from it.'

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