Love Not One

Stacey Jennifer Payne...Yup. Liam's little sister. Jenn kept in touch with his older brother for years and never broke the tie between them. But what if Liam brings his bandmates home for vacation and Jennifer catches the eye of Louis and Harry. Will this be a intense love story between the 3 or will their friendship be over? What if Liam finds out about this...


2. A not everyday routine


Jenn's pov

I woke up to the sweet bark of my puppy. "Hey candy..." I said picking her up. Then I heard my mum call out "Girls! Breakfast!" And so I got up and brushed my teeth then I wore my clothes and I got out of my room. Soon I saw my mum and my sisters eating and I greeted "Good morning!" And they greeted back with a simple Goodmorning. We ate breakfast together and we talked. "Girls... Your brother is coming home today at 1 and someone needs to pick him up. And please prepare the guest rooms." Mum said then Ruth replied back "Mum,.. Me and Nicola have work. Let Jenn pick them up." "Wait.them?" Nicola asked "He's bringing his bandmates, and sure. I'll pick them up. I'll leave the house around 12:30" I replied. "K. Are you going to eat lunch before or after you go pick them up?" Mum asked "I'll eat with Liam which is after..." I said "Alright" Mum said. Dad came out of his room and greeted us. He kissed mum and ate with us. Soon he had to go to work, so he went with Ruth and Nicola which left me with Mum. So I went upstairs and took a bath and dressed up. I played with Candy for like... Around 20 minutes and watched tv. I saw my brother's band and examined their faces... They look... Good. When I looked at the clock I saw it was 12:45! Sh*t! I rushed downstairs and screamed "MUM! I'M LATE! I HAVE TO GO! LUV YA!" Then I grabbed the car keys and into the car I go and off to the airport... What a way to start.

It's twelve forty-five she still isn't here... Our plane landed 1 hour earlier than our expected arrival time. We kept waiting in the lounge. Niall finished the lounge's 'Shepherd's pie', Zayn slept through the flight and still sleeping on the couch. Louis had nothing to do so he kept point Harry and Harry yelled "CUT IT OUT!" So Louis stopped it then he just played with his phone and complained "No internet..." Then Harry said "Where's your sister? I wanna go out of this prison..." "Just wait you moron... She'll be here..." I said. Then it was 1:05 then I saw Stacey running to the door. I said "SHE'S HERE!" I got excited and ran to the door. I must have forgotten it was a glass door so I bumped into the door. And I fell and the boys just laughed and gave me the 'excited-much' look. Then I heard the door open and saw my Sister. She grew taller and she laughed "Hello Payne-In-The-Ass..." She helped me up. I said "Boys... This is my sister Stacey Jennifer Payne." Then the boys hugged her. "You really needed to say my full name didn't you? Why didn't you just say my credit number or something?" She said in sarcasm. Then we all laughed...  I missed my sister.

Liam's sister is hot. But if I tell him that... He'll probably kill me and never talk to me ever again.
We went to the car and put our bags in the trunk. We drove away from the airport and we talked while Liam was driving. We got to know Stacey-Jenn. We call her Jenn. She's 19 , she has a pet dog called 'Candy' and that she is a varsity cheerleader. We got to their house and saw that Mrs. Payne was in the only one in the house. "Hi Mum!" Liam greeted. "Hey boys!" She greeted us. "Where's dad and Nicola and Ruth?" Jenn asked. "Stacey... Can you please bring their bags to the guest rooms" Mrs. Payne said. So Jenn and Liam brought our bags to the rooms. There were 2 rooms. But there 2 beds in 1 room so... Good. I have to be with Zayn... We prepared the beds. 

We got to the room where I was supposed to share with Niall. Jenn is so pretty, hot and humorous- Wait! Louis! What are you thinking?!?! You have Eleanor Jane Frickin Calder!!! You have to get her outta your head! Ugh... I was with Harry and Zayn in their room with Liam. We saw Jenn carrying a gym bag. We got suspicious and followed her. We ended up in a school soccer field. we saw Jenn take off her jacket and she took off her skirt. She was wearing a cheer leader uniform. Then she went to the group of girls. More like cheer leaders. They were practicing. Jenn did so many stunts! She backflip and she had to split after that immediately. Then they did a pyramid. Jenn was on top and had to her leg up to her head. Wow. Then one of the girls saw us and yelled "ONE DIRECTION!" Then that made the pyramid run out of balance. "Jenn!" Liam screamed running to them and Jenn fell. Then all of them fell. Jenn fell on her arm. The other girls were fine. They were just 5. But Jenn was hurt. Badly. We rushed her to the school clinic. "What happened to her?" The nurse asked "She fell off her pyramid in her cheer leader practice." Harry said. "Let me see your arm dear..." She said to Jenn. Then Jenn lifted her arm but she couldn't. It hurt too much. Then Nurse touched her arm and Jenn hissed. "She just has a minor fracture. That means her arm is not broken. Just some how sprained... She'll be fine. She just has to wear this cast for... 1... I mean 2 weeks. And she'll be fine..." The nurse smiled while she put on the cast on Jenn. "So no cheer leading?" Jenn asked "Just for 2 weeks dear..." The nurse said. "We're sorry..." Zayn said "It's not your fault... It was Nikki's... She didn't mean it anyway... She just loves you guys so much. She doesn't have a favourite, just... She freaks out when she sees you." Jenn said. "Let's go home" Liam said. We got out of the clinic. "Why are you in school in school on a Saturday and especially when it's  your Christmas break." Liam asked as we were walking through the halls. "We're practicing for the NCCs... Were actually 24 but the others couldn't come because they have plans. That's why we are just trying to work with 5 cheer leaders... But besides its gonna be next year. But if we win? We are going into the ICCs and If we win, we are going to be remembered in cheerleading history..." Jenn said "What's ICC and NCC?" Zayn asked "International Cheerleading Competition and National Cheerleading Competition" Jenn replied. Then a girl went near Jenn "Jenn... I am soo sorry! Are you ok? I'm such a bad best friend! How's your arm?!" She panicked "It's fine Nikki... It's not your fault... It's not every day we see a international boy group appear... We all know you love them." Jenn smiled comforting her friend "So this is One Direction? Where's the Leprechaun?" Nikki said "The leprechaun is at home... When we get there, he'll probably kill us... Nice meeting you." Zayn said "Well gotta go... BYE!" She screamed running away. "So she's your best friend?" I asked "Yeah... She's sweet once you get to know her... She's not only a fangirl... Well... Let's go!" Jenn said going out of the door and walking outside and so we went home. Niall scolded us for leaving him and Jenn explained what happened to her and when she can take off the cast. Her sisters and dad was there already. So we ate dinner. And after that. We had to get ready to go to bed...-_- so I was talking to Niall before we went to bed. "I am still mad for all of you bailing on me..." The leprechaun frowned. "Get over that" I said "you saw girls... Half dressed up! I wanted to see that!" He said "Don't worry Ni... Sleep already!" I said "How did they look like?" Niall asked "It was hard to not look under those skirts..." I laughed... "G'night" he said... Stacey Jennifer or Eleanor Jane? Payne or Calder? J or E? They're both amazing...


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