There is a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. Her name is Alexandra Walker. She goes by Alex. She is a 26 year old spy. What happens when she finds out her dad is alive and working for the wrong people. She has to has to bring him in!!! What will she do??? Read to find out!!!


3. the next day

The next day, I woke up to Cassie gently nudging me awake.

"Alex, Alex get up."

"What?" I looked around, "oh...good moring" I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

She smiled at me. I noticed she was already dressed.

"How long have you been up?" I asked. I was surprised she was already up and I was still tired.

"About an hour" giggled Cassie,"you looked so cute sleeping all curled up like that. But, we have to be up by 7:30. I wanted you to have time to get ready"

"Thanks"I smiled at her. She left me to get ready. I went to my dresser and picked out an outfit.

"Let's see...." I mumbled to myself,"ah this will do!" I giggled at my self.

I walked put of the bathroom in my denim shorts and my favorite hoodie. I had my hair in a messy bun. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Cassie flipping pancakes.

"Oooo" I licked my lips,"you like to cook?"

"Yes..." Cassie blushed

"No it's cool"I did not want her to feel embarrassed,"cooking is cool"

I sat down at the little table and peeked at the clock. 7:30. Today is Sunday.

"We get to explore all day today. We start tomorrow." Cassie said. Her back was to me and she was putting the fresh pancakes onto a plate.

She walked over to the table And gently set the plate down.

"How do you know all of this Cassie?"

"Oh I read the schedule this morning so that I knew what time to wake you up"

"Oh" I said simply.

I got up and searched the cabinets for plates. When I found them I got two and put them in one arm. Then I graded two cups. I carefully set the plates and cups on the little table. Then I went to the fridge. Yup pretty empty. I had bright a small bottle of orange juice with me. I opens the little bottle and split it with Cassie.

I started to wonder,"so Cassie, where'd u get the stuff to make the pancakes? There is no stuff here."

Cassie swallowed a bite of pancake and took a sip of orange juice,"I made the mix Before I left."

"Wow you are really prepared!"

I was usually prepared but with everything I was going through lately, I was really unorganized.

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