There is a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. Her name is Alexandra Walker. She goes by Alex. She is a 26 year old spy. What happens when she finds out her dad is alive and working for the wrong people. She has to has to bring him in!!! What will she do??? Read to find out!!!


13. the man in black

The door handle turned and viv walked in slowly. Her face was slightly covered in fear and a little concern.

"Viv what's wrong" I ask slowly. My gun is pointed in her direction and I don't know wether to lower it or not.

She continues to walk in slowly. I realized someone had a gun to her head.

It was a man in all black. Once him and viv where in the van the man closed the door behind them. Not being sure what to do I held the gun with the shiny silver barrel pointed at the man.

"CIA! Drop your weapon" I yell.

I hear a growly chuckle come from the black figure.

"No" his husky voice replied, "either you drop your gun, or she dies"

I hold my stance for a second, not sure what to do. He cocks the bullet in place, about to pull the trigger and viv squeezed her eyes shut.

"Wait!" I yell.

He pauses and looks at me.

I slowly put my gun on the ground and slide it over to him.

"That's better" the husky voice said.

I glare at the black figure who is holding my friend.

"She's mine till Tomorrow" the man said, "you will meet me at the delivery sight and I get the painting. Then and only then will you get your friend back"

"Wait!" Cassie yelled stepping out from behind me. Her hands are in the air and she is walking slowly toward the man, "take me instead, keep me hostage till you get your painting."

"Cassie what are you doing?" Viv asked.

Cassie ignored vivs question while the man made up his mind. "Fine" he said. He shoved viv toward me and she tumbled forward almost collapsing. I caught her before she could hit the ground. The man drags Cassie away. I don't know what to do, and I don't know what to think.

We have only been on a few missions and this was supposed to be an easy one. It's turning out to be a real mess. I look down where the man and Cassie had been. A note now reached them.

Don't call anyone. There are bugs and cameras. I know what you do so don't try anything. If you do, she's dead.

-the man in black.

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