There is a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. Her name is Alexandra Walker. She goes by Alex. She is a 26 year old spy. What happens when she finds out her dad is alive and working for the wrong people. She has to has to bring him in!!! What will she do??? Read to find out!!!


6. the first day of spy training

I woke up and stared at the celing, I knew I had to get up soon, so I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 am.

'Well gotta get up somtime' I thought to myself. Cassie was just getting up. I sat on my bed and let Cassie use the bathroom first. I looked at Vivian. She was sound asleep and her short hair was a mess.

Cassie came out of the bathroom wearing a pink tank top and running shorts. She had her longish blond and curly hair in a high ponytail. She had something in her hand but I couldn't tell what it was.

"What's that?" I asked but she slipped it into her pocket.

"Nothing" she said putting her things away.

I had a weird feeling about it but I trusted Cassie so I just shrugged it off.

I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I put on a pair of running shorts and a blue tank top. I decided to leave my shortish brown hair down and just use a headband to keep it out of my face. When I got out of the bathroom, Cassie already had her sneakers on. I slipped my blue running shoes and tied the laces. I got up and made my bed. I was about to walk out of our bedroom when I realized......

Vivian was still asleep!!! I walked over to her bed.

"Vivian" I called out, "Vivian you need to get up" I shook her shoulder

"Ahhhh!!!" she yelled seemed startled at first as her eyes jolted opened and she almost punched me, "oh it's just you"

She sighed sinking back into her bed.

"Ya and you need to get your lazy butt out of bed" I joked as I dragged her by the arm.

"Fine" she huffed giving up. She got dressed and came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a blue tank top like mine and running shorts too. She put on her running shoes which looked like mine but hers where a different shade of blue.

We grabbed your water bottles, walked down the steps, and went on a jog.

As we jogged down the path it grew quiet. All I could hear where our footsteps and our breathing, and my heartbeat.

"So....."I said between breaths and breaking the scilence, "where you from Vivian?"

"New York" she answered

"What...... about you......Cassie?" Vivian asked between breaths.

"California" she answered.

For some reason I got a weird feeling again. It felt like she wasn't telling the truth.... But I shouldn't be to quick to judge. I mean, she's my friend I can trust her right???.....

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