There is a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. Her name is Alexandra Walker. She goes by Alex. She is a 26 year old spy. What happens when she finds out her dad is alive and working for the wrong people. She has to has to bring him in!!! What will she do??? Read to find out!!!


8. long day

We trained more until 5 o'clock at night. By then we where sore and starving so we decided to go home. When we got home I let my bag slide off my shoulder and collapsed onto my bed. I was so tired. I wanted to just lay there and fall asleep but I knew I had to eat dinner and take a shower. The next thing I knew Vivian was shaking me awake.

"Alex"I heard her voice, "Alex Cassie made dinner"

I sat up.

"Uh? Oh hey viv.... Sorry I must have dozed off" I shook my head and stood up.

"Hey you ok?" She asked

"Ya I'm good" I reassured her, "just tired"

"Ya me too" she agreed rubbing the back of her neck.

"COMMON GUYS!!!" Came Cassie's voice from the kitchen, "THE FOOD IS GETTING COLD!!!"

I giggled at how much Cassie sounded like my mom. I followed Vivian out of our bedroom and walked into the kitchen. When I smelled the delicious spaghetti Cassie made, my stomach remembered my hunger....

After dinner I got in the shower. I let the cool water run down my body and clean all the evidence of the long and tiring day. When I got out I got dressed and laid down on my bed. Vivian and Cassie took their showers and got into their beds.

"We make a great team" Vivian commented.

"Ya.....we do" I agreed. Turning my head to face her.

"Goodnight" Cassie said to us as she flicked the lights out.

"Goodnight" I yawned.

"Goodnight" came Vivian's sleepy voice.

I fell asleep thinking about the long and exiting day....

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