There is a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. Her name is Alexandra Walker. She goes by Alex. She is a 26 year old spy. What happens when she finds out her dad is alive and working for the wrong people. She has to has to bring him in!!! What will she do??? Read to find out!!!


1. Introduction

Hello. My name is Alexandra Walker. When I was a kid my mom always told me that my dad died shortly after I was born. I loved and trusted mom but it felt like she was hiding somthing. When she died 2 years ago I buried my self in work so I could distract myself from my loss.

As a kid I was good at martial arts. I eventually became a spy and that's where I am now. I work for the CIA. I have a couple aliases I use when I'm under cover.

U thought I was gonna tell you? No! That would spoil the secret.

Any way, back to the topic. You now pretty much all there is to know about me. O ya! I live in New York.

And here's a secret that I've never told anyone. I had a twin sister. Her name was Ashley. She ran away when we where 10 years old. We thought hoped and prayed that she would come back, but she never did. That's one of the things I really want most in life, to find my long lost sister.

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