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2. Prologue Axia

She was sure. If she lost them, then she’d be nothing. She would allow her body to be swept into the currents of time, and lose herself to the selfish contempt and chaos that she held in her heart. Her search never stopped, and the aching feeling in her hands never left. She wanted this. Her mind didn’t stop counting; the time that she had left. She was playing with fire, and dangerously close at that. But who are you to judge?

She held no shame in the bitter thoughts that she held close to her. Jealousy and envy were daily emotions that were the norm for her. The only satisfaction that could sate this hunger for destruction was death.

It’s not weird.

That’s what her sister told her. But she had long gone. In her twisted and morbid heart, she knew that her twin was still out there. Wrenching families apart, parallel to the current situation she was in.

The strong hold she had on the dagger tightened, before she allowed the darkness within fully compel her being and plunge the blade into the cavern that held her victim’s most important organ. It took a matter of minutes for her to lose her composure, lost in the thrill of another kill.

Her eyes swept around the room before landing on the large mirror that loomed before her face.

She grimaced.

The sight wasn’t what she had wanted to see. Her face was matted with strands of hair that had fallen from her high ponytail. The veins in her porcelain like hands were raised and made her appearance more feral.

How did she change so much?

The room was silent, and even her own heartbeat could not be heard. The life of the corpse beneath her hands was all but gone, and the blood had already leaked onto her delicate hands.

Paranoia kicked in as she struggled to stand, wanting to rid herself of the blood that tainted her. She wanted to be clean. Still, as she scrubbed relentlessly at her limbs, the blood smudged and smeared but would not disappear.

Even though she hauled herself around in quick rushed movements, and her thinking was frantic and on high alert; the sound of a vital organ beating could not be heard.

She chuckled darkly.


I’m heartless.

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