By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


8. 8.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

"Where are you? Haven't you finished your fun yet? I'm starving and soon I'm gonna get breakfast without you. No eggs and bacon for you :p xx" I send Holly the text and go have a shower.

The warm water falls down my body and creates bubbles as I use my favourite body wash, mint and tea tree. It's like brushing your teeth but your whole body feels refreshed. I've done the routine, shampoo then rinse and the same with conditioner. I'm already feeling much better now that I'm clean and at least semi tidy looking. I'm yet to do my makeup. I hear the door open and I pop my head out of the bathroom door. Holly walks in with her head back and her arms in the air, "I bring room service!" Josh, Niall and Louis following in behind her holding Starbucks and what smells like bagels. She really knows when I need her.

"Oh hi guys." I laugh. I take a whiff of the bagels probably covered in cream cheese knowing Holly. "Mmm, smells great. Let me get dressed."

I retreat back into the bathroom, drop my towel and begin to get dressed. Lucky I had bought my clothes into the bathroom otherwise it could have been a particular embarrassing encounter. I prop my hair into the towel for it to dry and set it on top of my head before going back out.

"I thought you guys had rehearsal?" I ask as I take a bagel from the table matched with my vanilla latte, Holly and the boys couldn't have done any better.

"Yeah, like an hour ago." Louis laughs, "Slept in a bit, did you? Must of had a pretty big night last night." He winks at me and then to Holly as well. I wonder if Louis knew more than I did, I'm sure I'll be hearing the details once they leave though.

"Wouldn't you like to know." I winked back and then took a big bite of my bagel. Joking of course, I hadn't had much to tell. Nothing that they wanted to hear anyway, I was well behaved last night to my disbelief.

"Speaking of which, where is the curly man?" Josh asked. Did they not just see him for rehearsal?

"Last I saw he was getting a haircut but he should be catching up on some rest now, he was a busy boy last night." Niall laughed, taking a shot at me too, these boys were cheeky. Harry and I didn't even do anything other than cuddle last night but I can still feel my cheeks turn pink.

Holly giggled, "I don't know if I'd want a haircut from Lou right now, from what I saw last night she's probably well hung over."

"Let's hope not for Harry's sake. I can't imagine him without those beautiful curls." Louis says dramatically, we all laugh and delve into our breakfast.

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