By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


7. 7.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

Okay, I need to calm down. Maybe it was the alcohol talking when I invited Harry into the room. I mean of course I want him here with me, he's so lovely and thoughtful and hot, so hot. But I don't usually do this kind of thing, but maybe I could tonight, I don't know. My mind is swirling on how to act as I change into my nighty in the bathroom. I've taken off my makeup and smoothed my hair out, maybe I should have left my make up on, I wouldn't want to scare him away. I decide it would be too weird to reapply it and walk out, clean and teeth brushed. Harry's standing at the window, making sure his body is hidden by the curtain as he peaks out at the people on the ground. I smile and get into my double bed.

"You alright there?" I ask, grabbing his attention.

"More than alright gorgeous." He grins, removing his shirt and sitting on the end of the bed to pull off his jeans. Harry's now only in his underwear and sliding behind me in my now cozy bed. I feel his body against mine as we curve into each other, fitting like a puzzle. Arms wrapped around me he says, "This is nice."

"Is it alright if we just stay like this tonight?" I ask quietly, I wanted to stay this way forever.

"That would be perfect." I feel his mouth curl into a smile behind me and he squeezes me a bit tighter before falling into a comfortable warmth with his arm draping over my waist.

I settle my head on my pillow and fall asleep in his arms with a small grin on my face. It was perfect.

- - -

What a dream I've just had. Harry Styles liked me, he came home with me (well kind of), it had to be a dream. I wake up with my face on the fluffy pillow but there's something scratching my face. My eyes drag open focusing on the folded piece of paper beside me.

"Morning, sorry I had to get up early for rehearsal. I hope you had a good sleep, I did ;) See you tonight, Harry .xx"

It was real, every bit of it! I couldn't help but like him, fall for him in an instant. I couldn't help acting like the typical movie 'love struck teenager' character by holding his letter to my chest, blinking my eyes in disbelief and smiling like crazy. I'm not really one to fall so fast, not usually. I've never been able to help it, but I don't let people in as easy or as often as I should. I'm starting to feel like with Harry it's different but he could have any girl in the world, why would he pick me?

I check the clock on the bedside table, 11.43am. Where the hell is Holly? I thought she'd be back by now.

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