By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


11. 11.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

Once Holly and I got to our room I chucked my half a dozen shopping bags on my bed and started sorting through my suitcase for an outfit for tonight's concert.

"Getting excited?" I ask Holly who's now in the bathroom and applying some of the new makeup she bought today.

"You bet. Josh told me he's on the right side of the stage. When I told him that we were too he said he'd look out for us." She exclaimed, I sat on the side of the bath tub and watched her put on her mascara.

"You'll get to check out his mad drumming skills." I cheer, "He's obviously amazing too."

"I know." She smiles at me through the mirror, "I really like him."

I returned the smile, "I know."

I walk back out to the room where I've set out denim shorts a white tee and my new ankle boots. Holly seems so smitten with Josh at the moment, I just hope it doesn't last only a moment. She'd be heartbroken if tomorrow will be the last time she sees him and I'm so scared that him and the boys do this sort of thing all the time. Have their girls for each hotel they stay at. I try to push that thought out of my head because both Josh and Harry just seem too sweet to do that. But you never know I guess, and that's what's scary.

"What are you wearing?" I ask Holly as she emerges looking beautiful with freshly applied make up and her hair out in curls.

"This dress I think," She pulls out a mint green shift dress, "and these wedges."

"Fabulous," I throw my hands up with a thumbs up for approval. Now I have to just do my make up and hair and actually get changed and we'll be going to the concert. It starts in 2 hours so we'll grab a bite to eat first.

- - - -

The concert was incredible, if words had to describe. Holly and I we're say just five rows from the stage just to the right side of the centre. Holly had her clear view of Josh and I had my clear view of Harry and all his antics on stage. They really did have great performance energy. There were a few times I think Harry did spot me amongst all the screaming teenage girls, me joining in of course. When it did look like we made eye contact he always seemed to give a quick wink or a funny face which made me laugh. How he managed to be so sexy in the club and then so adorable on stage I still don't understand. It just shouldn't be possible for it to exist but it does in Harry Styles. I can't say he's perfect though, his like for bananas doesn't mix well for my strong dislike for the yellow fruit.

The lights have turned on in the arena and girls are starting to descend to the front and probably the back entries too, hoping to catch a glance. Holly and I grab our bags and start to head out too when I check my phone.

From: Harry x

Saw you in the crowd, did you notice? Change of plan, go to where you see Paul and come back stage right now ;) .xx

To: Harry x

I did! Be there soon :) xx

I searched around to the side stage areas before my eyes fell to where Paul was standing on the left side. He was talking with a few security guys and was keeping a crew behind him making sure the entrance to backstage was closed off. I gently take Holly's wrist, "Come on, let's go backstage!" She shrugs without argument and let's me drag her towards Paul. We just kinda fling ourselves right in front of him and smile, "Hi, uh Harry told me to come backstage." I say, realising how crazy I sound. Girls must try this all the time.

"Nice try girls but no one is aloud backstage except for crew and the boys themselves." He smirks and points his hand towards the nearest exit.

"No we know, but Harry really does know us. See, she has the text right here." Holly starts rummaging through my bag trying to get my phone to show Paul.

"Look I'm sorry, but I don't have ti-"

"Wait Paul, it's cool. They're with us." Harry and Josh have come to our rescue.

"Oh are these the girls that caused a stir last night?" Paul looks back at us, paying more attention to our faces now.

I nervously laugh, "That's us."

Harry reaches for my hand and we walk in past him. I'm nervous because I'm not sure if Paul was necessarily happy with the photos that were taken last night.

"Alright, backstage it is then." Paul smiles before turning back to face away from us. Phew, lucky break?

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