By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


1. 1.

The bus trip had dragged on and on and our butts were numb from sitting down for so long but Holly and I couldn't hide our excitement when we walked through the doors into a flash lobby of the 'high class' hotel that we would be guests at this weekend. The lobby was busy with sound, people checking in, people sitting by the bar, others drinking coffee and reading the paper. It all looked so expensive and I felt a bit out of place. But this was going to be perfect, we could be whoever we wanted here, dress up a bit fancy and treat ourselves to the restaurant, the bars, the pool and gym. I feel like twirling around like an idiot, I'm that excited. And to top everything all off, we'll be going to the One Direction concert tomorrow night and they're staying here, in our hotel. Holly and I spent the majority of the bus ride here day dreaming about bumping into them in the hallway or meeting them at the bar. We weren't stupid though, walking into the lobby we had noticed all the young girls patrolling the area for any sign that one of the boys would just walk out and say hi. I feel a bit old or mature I should say comparing to the 15 year olds spread around the hotel with Holly and I just turning 18 in the past few months. It feels good to be here with my best friend though, just the two of us without the need of parental permission for the entire weekend.

"This place is so, big." Holly leant over and said as we waited in line to check in.

"I know, it's crazy. All these girls as well, waiting for their prey and ready to pounce," I joke.

"Oh god, I hope we don't look that desperate." She laughed.

"Let's make a deal that we won't go searching for One Direction and if we meet them than we meet them. And if we don't, we still have a great weekend and see them perform in concert." I suggest.

"It's a deal!" Holly smiles and links arms with me before walking up to the front desk to get our room key.

"Holy shit Caitlyn, check out this view!" Holly says, pulling the curtains further back. I walk over to see the city right outside our window where we stand 8 stories high.

"This is so cool! Check out all the girls outside, they look so small." I look down and take in the huge crowd of girls and when I open the window slightly, we hear the screams. "But man, there's a lot of them and they are loud."

"Should we head to the pool?" Holly asks letting go of the curtain and walking over to our hotel robes hanging next to the bathroom.

I smile, "Let's do it."

I can't believe our luck. Just moments ago Holly and I were changing into our bikinis and now we are getting out of the elevator on the level where the pool is to find Josh Devine the drummer for One Direction standing there taking photos with a few fans. I laugh to myself, "It just had to be when we were wearing robes, didn't it?"

Josh spots us and asks if we want a photo and one of the bodyguards laughs at our outfits and offers to take the picture for us. The other girls seem to disappear as Josh, Holly and I pose for the photo.

"I gotta go now girls, see ya later." Josh smiles and we continue on our way to the pool. We both have huge grins on our faces as we reach the pool, take off our robes and jump in the water.

"What the hell just happened?!" I squeal pushing back my now wet hair.

"I know right!" Holly exclaims, pushing herself up with her hands on my shoulders. Our smiles haven't left our faces as I point over to the hot spa and we hop out and walk over to slide into the warmth of the heated pool.

"This is going to be the best weekend ever," Holly says and just as she finishes her sentence, Josh comes through the doors in his board shorts and his chest bare with the same bodyguard following behind. Holly and I both quickly exchange glances at one another and I take a deep breath to calm down and play it cool as Josh steps into the hot spa to join us.

"Hey Josh," I greet him. I'm not sure if that was the best start to playing it cool, but I definitely don't want to sit here in silence when we could be talking about touring with One Direction, right? Without really thinking too much I asked how he is and how the tour is going and the four of us, Josh, Holly, Thomas (the bodyguard) and I start having really good conversations. All I can think about right now though is wondering if I sound like an utter moron or that we might actually be getting along like friends would. It'd be great to be friends with him too, he seems really cool.

"The tour's been amazing but I'm excited to have a break as well. I think the boys really need a break though, we've all been working pretty hard these last few months." He explains.

I nod, "Yeah, I bet you have. You'd get a few weeks over Christmas though right? It's coming up soon I guess."

"Yup, December is looking good for a nice break." He smiles and splashes a bit of water in front of him.

"Will you guys be going out clubbing or anything while you're here?" Holly asks excitedly. "We'd be happy to show you around," she laughs hopefully.

Josh smiles, "Yeah, definitely. It's Lou's, our hairdressers birthday today so we'll have to celebrate! Hmmm, I don't know if you'll be aloud to come though. I'll see what I can do." He teases as he winks at us and checks his watch which is conveniently water-proof. "We might need to head off now actually," he turns to Thomas and they both start to get up.

"Well in that case," Holly stands, "You'll have to let me give you my number so you can let us know." Her smile is charming as Josh smirks and grabs his phone from the lounge chair.

"I suppose I will."

Holly tells him her digits and he saves it to his phone by the time I've gotten myself out of the pool too. Both Josh and Thomas lean in to hug each of us good bye and they set on their way to wherever they had to be. I grab Holly and squeeze her tight, "I love you, ya crazy sex monkey! You did well my friend, smart move giving him your number." I wink and head for a towel. Could this weekend get even better?

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