The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Josh just transferred to a new school, out of state he knew nobody at all. The school seemed odd.


1. First Day of School.

I slowly woke up to the loud, annoying alarm that came from my phone, early in the morning. I groaned loudly and grabbed my phone, turning of the annoying alarm slowly putting my phone down as I sat up my tanned, well toned body getting hit by the warm rays of sunlight. "Josh wake up! you have your first day at school!" My mother yelled at me, I found her yelling quite annoying, making me shoot out of bed and stretch letting out a large sigh. I soon started to walk into the kitchen looking at my mother who had long brown, silky hair followed by her blue eyes a small portion of green, complimented by her pale soft skin. "Good morning Josh you better behave yourself at this school" My mother said to me whilst dishing out well cooked bacon and eggs onto a plate before handing it to me. "I..I will I promise to behave" I slowly picked at my food, not feeling hungry at all but decided to eat it slowly. As I finish eating I look over to my new uniform, a white button up work shirt, long black slacks followed by what I call old man shoes, old looking leather shoes. I stand up with a slight smile, always liking the look of formal uniforms.

I put my plate in the dishwasher along with a few other plates and cutlery before walking out of the kitchen into the lounge room where the uniform was set on. "I am getting dressed mom!" I yell out to her as I ran down the hallway into my room, stripping down to my underwear, slowly putting on the uniform. I come out a few minutes later dressed fully, making sure I looked perfect for my first day "I am leaving now" I say to my mother in a soft tone as I walk out of the front door, picking my bad up with me as I walk onto the pavement.

I slowly walk down the pavement, watching my feet as I walk into a girl around my age. As she fell back she let out a soft groan 

"Watch it idiot!" She said with a slight pout to me. 

"A..Ah I am so so sorry" I say gently holding out my hand for her

"Hmph stop looking at those ugly shoes and watch it okay!" She said stubbornly as she took my hand pulling her self.

"Y..yeah I will" I say gently patting her back, dusting off the dirt she landed on.

"T..thank you, are you new I haven't seen you around here?" She said softly to me as her cheeks ran a soft rose red.

"Yeah I am, my name's Josh by the way, you are?" I smile warmly hoping to have a friend before school started.

"Elizabeth, it's a pleasure to meet you, well kinda" Elizabeth said brushing her blond, silk like hair out of her face to reveal her pale skin which made her bright green eyes show off even more as she started to walk towards the school. I nod and smile as I felt my face heat up, a light blush running across my face as I realized how beautiful she was. I followed her slowly towards and into the school as I found my class to be eleven- B.

I walked into the fairly cramped classroom, everyone one staring at me bluntly some glaring even as I looked down suddenly, not usually having that much attention put on me at once. I rushed through the classroom to an empty desk where I am confronted by a large boy, looking intimidating as he pushed me down off my chair with a slight growl. Elizabeth quickly rushes to my side and kneels to me, gently sitting me up. "A..are you alright?" Elizabeth asked softly as she looked up at the boy with a sharp glare, clenching her small fist as she stood up, facing the boy with an emotionless face.

I quickly stood up as I see a large, sly smirk appear on the boys face, gently pushing Elizabeth out of the way as I suddenly got hit, what felt like a brick making me drip back down, my jaw bruised and bleeding as my soft lips were cut making the scent of my rich blood alert some of the girls and boys. The odd girls and boys softly licked their lips as I saw small fangs appear as they grew closer to me, pushing myself back up against the wall not believing what was happening. Elizabeth quickly in one fluent motion grabbed my arm, yanking me out of the room to the hallway then up the stairs to the roof where the strong winds slam and shut the door behind us.

"W..what just happened Elizabeth!" I say as my jaw started to hurt and bleed even more, feeling as if it were to be broken from a single punch.

"T..they were um trying to get your blood" Elizabeth simply admitted to me with a soft sigh

"Like a vampire or bat!" I asked in a loud voice, not being able to comprehend what was happening. Elizabeth nodded and smiled slowly moving closer to me.

"G..get away from me, you all are monsters!" I say moving back, falling back onto my butt, looking up at her, trying to think of a quick escape from the school. Elizabeth let out a large growl, her bright green eyes slowly shifting to a bright blood red looking down at me

"I am not a monster! W..we aren't monsters" I look up at her even more terrified closing my eyes as I bring my hands to my face.

"I am not like them, I saved you" Elizabeth slowly said as she leaned over to me, her hands both behind her as she grew her index fingers nail by two inches. I look up at her, gazing into her eyes seeing a slight smile on her face as I try and grip the rough cement as I felt a sharp, blade go into my chest. Looking down at the claw I start to tear up, my vision blurring from the tears as I pass out from the pain.

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