Las Vegas and 5sos 16+ (ending 2)

this is the same story as "Las Vegas and 5sos 16+" up until the chapter "home" but it is different after that i wanted it to have 2 different paths.


1. off to las vegas

I Finely get the last of my things stuffed in my suit case as I pull the zipper with all my strength to 

close it, I'm off to Las Vegas to see the most amazing bands in the world one direction and 5sos.

I was pulled from my thoughts as my friend Abby knocked on my bedroom door .

"Hey, your mom asked if you we're ready yet" she said saddened at the fact I would be leaving

for a week . "Yep all ready" I say excitedly. " ok then lets get u guys to the air port. So a little bit

about me my name is Julia I love to have fun and I love the boys. I'm not crazy although some of

my friends think I am, I do get vary emotional about these boys, they always make me smile and

can always get me to sing along to anything I love them so much and have meet some of my best

friends because of them. I can not thank them enough. I am on my way to Las Vegas as u can

tell. im from Ohio so it's quite a long flight. As we pulled into the air port my mom dad Abby and

I piled out of the car. Abby ran after me squeezing me tight. "I love u Jules I know I don't

understand this obsession of yours but I know it would mean the word for you to meet them so

I hope u do. I hope u get everything u have ever dreamed of. Good buy I will see u in a week

" we said our final goodbyes as we walked into the air port and checked our bags. In the spirit 

 of one direction I wore my marry me zayn shirt and high wasted shorts with my shirt tucked

in and high top connivers . We slowly mad our way through security and onto the plain I got settled in for a 45 min flight to Atlanta. We got there safely and on our connecting flight to take us to Las Vegas. 

********************** HOUERS LATER ************************
As we landed in Las Vegas at 11:00 at night I saw all of the lights flashing and all of the people moving and smiling dancing singing what a beautiful e place. We got to our hotel at Mandalay bay ( sorry for the long link just a picture of the hotel) as we walked into the hotel there were already girls about my age pointing at my shirt and knowing I was there to see the boys too its really a good felling this fandom really is like a family. We got separate rooms and I quickly darted to mine to try to get some sleep . I striped off my cloths and climbed in to bed and drifted off to sleep

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