Las Vegas and 5sos 16+ (ending 2)

this is the same story as "Las Vegas and 5sos 16+" up until the chapter "home" but it is different after that i wanted it to have 2 different paths.


11. never shout never


           I have not heard a word from Michael except from twitter where they told the world they were going on tour in 2014. i kept thinking he wasn't calling because it would be to painful to talk to me or because he didn't want to hurt me not being here to comfort me. anything to make it okay. but it wasn't okay i missed him i needed to here his voice i needed his aussi accent ringing through my head. i knew it would happen he would forget and i had prepared for the worst it was happening. i decided i would go on with my life still loving my boys and going to see them any time i could. i got tickets to see them like nothing ever happened in Vegas.I have a long list of favorite bands including 5sos, one direction, and McFly but I have an entire different list. Nirvana, sleeping with sirens, and Never Shout Never. It was almost Christmas Mariah and I were heading to La to see never shout never one of the many things I had in common with Michael. I had not heard from him in 4 1/2 months but I was doing okay with the love and support of Mariah. she is My best friend a truly amazing one she is my rock. Mariah dose not know much about my time with Michael but she respects that it is hard for me to talk about.


         we made to LA it was a beautiful day our hotel rooms were gorgeous with an amazing view of the beach. we quickly got our bathing suits and enjoyed a day on the beach.


           that night we went to a local bar with a stage it was small but perfect. Mariah had on a white lase dress with a black leather jacket, combat boots and a flower crown placed neatly on her head. i wore a black t-shirt with a white see through lase cross on it, rose colored vintige high wasted shorts, a black binne,and black combat boots. in handing the man our tickets getting the back of our hands marked with an X and squeezing our way to the front. we waited patently as 2 opening acts came on and preformed. eventually Christopher Drew came on stage and we started singing along.about half way through the 2nd song Mariah yelled in my ear that she thought she saw Mazzi maz (a British youtuber) on the other side of the stage I looked at her in disbelief. I kept my eye on the opposite side of the stage occasionally thinking I was seeing a boy with hair that looked like it was purple I only knew one boy with purple hair. I could have been imagining as I was sure Mariah was. there is no way they were here. then I looked to my left more carefully not only was it Mazzi maz it was Perrie Edwards and Zayn. im positive he didn't remember me hell im not even sure if Michael remembered me but I knew it was them the second I saw his hair I don't think I wanted it to be him I didn't want him to want me back I cant fix another hart brake. I should have stopped looking gotten out of there fast and ran all the back to Ohio but I didn't I kept looking and i saw his face light up like Christmas lights I pretended like I didn't see him and continued singing along enjoying my concert but he could tell I knew. he switched places with Perrie and made his way over to us I continued to look at the amazing talent on stage singing to every word "I didn't think I would ever see you again" he yelled I jumped when he put his hands on my hips.

          " so you just forgot about me" I yelled back

          " I never forgot about you trust and believe that" he yelled and a shiver ran down my spine. "I just thought it would never work and best to save us both"

          "then why are you over here if you think its better we aren't together, why did you come over here" I looked up at him reaching my neck back so I could see him like I did in Vegas with his hands on my hips still holding me close.

          "because if I don't see your face its a lot easier." he stated " but now I see you and I cant not be with you don't you get that."for a moment just a moment I gave in and sank into his warm chest letting his ausi voice take me letting all of the warm memory's flow back into my mind like a raging river. the memory's of the boy I loved so much the boy i never told just how much I loved him but then a stabbing pain shoot through my hart reminding me what he did how hurt I was and I snapped back to attention.

          "okay so that makes it all better" I stabbed I felt his hands tighten around my hips. "I cried I don't cry over guys like that" I shouted ripping myself from his grip turning so my back was to the stage and I was facing him now " you made me fall in love with you then you shattered my hart and you think that's okay. you think you can come over here and think ill just be in love with you again well I cant I wont." I stopped yelling when the song stopped and a knew one started it was the song trouble " if you don't mind this is my favorite song if you think you still love me ask any girl in here if what you did was right. HELL any guy. what you did was wrong and I hate you for it." I yelled turning around wipping the tears that fell I saw him step back and go to join the group never taking his eyes off of me. I was smiling because I was here singing to my favorite song ( ) with my best friend and most of all I was  smiling because I had never lied to someone or myself so much in my entire life. it didn't matter what he did I would always love him  but I need to protect myself from him I knew In my head that my hart cant be trusted. I knew that if I let my hart decide then I would be like committing suicide. I cant let him have my hart again i cant willingly let him brake it but i knew that after the show he would find my hotel, i knew i would let him i knew my hart would over power my head, and there was nothing i could do about it.

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