Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


8. Reinforcements

I ran back over to the North wall and looked down the road. Multiple trucks approached our position. They all had mounted machine guns except one which had a mounted grenade launcher. I opened fire on hostiles as they exited their trucks and moved to the mounted weapons. I aimed to use my grenade launcher, but before I could use it a grenade round flew past my head and hit the Humvee. Metal flew in all directions as another round hit the wall in front of me. It exploded sending me and Dakota a few feet backwards onto our backs. I felt a hand grab my vest and slam my rifle against my chest as it lifted my up. It was Matt. I looked over and saw Blake did the same for Dakota who looked at the wall and then at us.

"We gotta get off this roof top." He said calmly as we all took off down the vehicle ramp to the previous level.

We continued descending with no resistance for a few floors. On the second floor a handful of fighters showed up. We fought them off and got to ground level. It quickly became obvious there was no escape. We all topped off on ammo and took up defensive positions. The enemy came in force, but we held them off. After a while they closed in on our location and we fell back to the second floor. As we began to run low on ammo I had the idea to put a car in neutral and blow it up. As the enemies flew from the blast the ground shook.

"BUILDING IS FALLING! GET TOPSIDE FOR EVAC!" A voice rang out in the headset.

We all ran up top to find a Huey helicopter on standby. I ran over and hopped on the Minigun. The parking garage collapsed beneath us. I spun up the gun and opened fire on terrorists in the streets below. The Minigun shredded the streets and sent dirt and derbies everywhere. The loud roar was deafening. Suddenly a crackle sounded in the headset.

"This... One-One... Heavy... Need assistance...!"

"Okay boys! Ghost One-One is in trouble. We're going to help!" Dakota said as the helicopter pulled off from our attackers.

We flew over a few streets into another fire-fight. The Huey came to a hover and I kicked out a rope before sliding down to the ground. We moved up to the Humvee that belonged to One-One. There was a soldier behind it on the radio, a soldier on the .50 cal., and the other two were using the doors for cover while shooting back. The one behind the Humvee motioned us over and we took cover with him.

"Radio is messing up. Look, we're pinned. Can you flank around and take off the heat?"

"Sure the Jacob." Dakota replied before pivoting on his heels to face us. "Marcus, you'll come with me and we'll take the back street to flank them. Blake and Matt, you two get up on that roof top and rain from above."

"Yes sir." We all said before taking off in different directions.

Dakota and I entered a dark alley and walked down it. The sounds of gunshots echoed off the walls. We both kept scanning all around with our rifles to make sure there were no enemies. When we entered the next street we saw civilians looking out their windows at us. It was weird, almost as if they were scoping us out.

"Sir, I don't like this." I said as I lowered my weapon and walked slowly along the sidewalk keeping up with my surroundings.

"They're just curious. They pose no threat to us." Dakota said.

I walked about ten feet behind him and watching the rear. As we proceeded towards the enemies, there was a loud bang. I heard a thud as Dakota's body dropped to the dirt road. Suddenly a spray of bullets opened up. I ran forward and grabbed his shoulders. After dragging him down into a ditch, I opened fire on the attacking terrorists. I counted five. I shot a grenade taking out two behind a rock wall. The other three advanced towards me. One had an AK-47, another had an RPK, and the final one had an RPG.

"RPG first." I told myself as I spun out from behind cover and clipped him in the head.

Next I shot the one with the RPK. Finally the AK. I reloaded and returned to Dakota who was having a hard time breathing.

"Hang in there sir." I said as I grabbed one arm and one leg and hoisted him onto my shoulders. "I'll get you to a medic."

More "skinnies" rounded into the street and opened fire as I took off running back to the Humvee. I turned I to the alley and ran as fast as I could back to the original fire-fight.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The radio operator yelled as he saw me approaching, then he noticed Dakota. "Is he hit!?"

"I think a collapsed lung!" I yelled back setting him down then turning my attention to the alley way.

After about an hour of defending the position One-Three showed up and helped clear the situation. Dakota was stabilized and we all got back to base alive. Later that day it was officially declared Dakota would be sent home and Honorably Discharged as soon as he was ready to be shipped... It was a sad day for Ghost Squadron.

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