Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


1. Older Brother's Fate

"LEFT SIDE! RPG!" My Sergeant screamed as I whipped around and aimed my M4 at the top of a faded paint laundromat. I lined up the holographic scope with the forward iron sight and pulled the trigger. Before he could shoot the high explosive round, he was thrown backwards by the standard NATO round that my rifle shot.


"Good shot Black! Now help Burns with Watts!" Sergeant screamed over the sound of helicopter propellers and gun shots. I knelt down and threw one of Watts's arms over my shoulder and helped Burns place him in the helicopter before returning to the firing line.


I tapped one soldier on the back which was the fall back signal. He in turn tapped the next who tapped the next. One by one, ten Marines fell back to the helicopter with the injured Watts. I was the last one to go. I walked backwards shooting at the growing amount of terrorists until I felt the hand on my shoulder. An AC-130 over head sprayed the field killing the terrorists. Then the radio crackled as the gunship called in a status report.


"Ghost squad one-one, this is Thunderbird two-one, how copy?" The radio spoke with the voice of the gunship communication expert's voice.


"Thunderbird two-one, this is Ghost leader, solid copy over!" Our Sergeant yelled over the rotors' roars as the helicopter lifted.


"Thunderbird has to bug out. One last shot at a skinny on the roof nearest you sent brace for-" the radio was drowned out by the sound of a 105 millimeter round slamming into the nearest building about fifty feet away.


"DANGER CLOSE THUNDERBIRD!" I heard the Sergeant yell as debris flew all around us. The cannon had caused a ton of collateral damage to surrounding buildings. As the helicopter swung around to avoid being crushed I was thrown out the side door with only my pistol. My rifle had caught on a hook and dislocated my right shoulder out of socket. I landed on the ground with a thud and after a second felt hot metal hitting my face. I looked up and noticed it was brass shells from the helicopter's mini-gun. I rolled over onto my stomach and winced in pain from my shoulder as I pushed myself to my knees and look at the decimated village. Two terrorists with RPGs were behind one wall and a third behind a building. In the distance I saw more terrorist approaching with assault rifles, light machine guns, and RPGs. The helicopter descended to a few feet off the ground and the Sergeant reached out for my had. Suddenly and RPG hit it causing it to spin as smoke spewed from the straining engines.


"LETS GO BLACK!" He yelled as he reached for me.


"NEGATIVE SIR!"I replied.




"SIR SOMEONE HAS TO FIGHT OR WE'RE ALL DEAD!" He simply stopped and all the squad looked at me in shock and awe. "I have the gun sir. Go home." I grabbed my M4 and ran away from the helicopter as I heard it lift. I ran towards the village and tossed a grenade over the wall. It blew up and I saw the bloody mist of two terrorists spray against the wall painting it a lovely shade of red.


I moved to the back of the building where I tackled the third one and wrestled with him before being able to slowly push my combat knife into his throat. As I did a bullet tore through my right side knocking me over into a tumble. My back hit the wall of the building behind me and loaded a round into the chamber of my rifle. My vision blurred from pain as I aimed down my holographic sight. I choked on blood and pulled the trigger as a spray of bullets hit a group of enemies causing them to all drop. Now a second gunshot tore through my stomach. I turned to shoot the culprit but found I had used all my NATO rounds. I pulled out my M9 and chambered a round. As the enemy drew nearer I prepared for one last stand. I raised my pistol and shot one right through the neck and another in the head. Another bullet tore through my chest, then another through my arm, and one more through my throat. I fell to my side and choked on blood while looking through the dim light of the world. A pair of feet appeared in front of my face and I managed to look up at the barrel of an AK-47. My thumb pulled on a ring. I managed the slurred words "I'm not going alone" right before the M67 grenade exploded killing me and five terrorists with it.

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