Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


7. Ghost One-Two

I was dumbstruck and wordless as I pulled on my helmet and picked up my rifle. Who would do that? That was just... wrong? I didn't know. I was my brother's replacement in the unit that he died protecting. It was too unreal. I felt like I was in a dream, a sick messed up dream. I felt like I was going to throw up everywhere, but there was nothing left to throw up. I had already postponed the mission thirty minutes because I was puking up an entire month's worth of food. I was nervous. Everyone is nervous before their first mission, but this was worse. These are the guys who I marched with to carry my brother's casket to the hole in the ground. It made me sick.

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and tightened my grip on the M4 as I reached up and grabbed the door frame and ducked my was to get into the HMMWV's (Humvee) back right seat. I was in the middle vehicle in the three vehicle convoy. A soldier named Dakota started up the Humvee. Everyone sat in one of those long silences that just sits in the air that even effects your mind. Suddenly the guy beside me, Matt, cleared his throat and looked at me.

"You um... you want some gum? It's mint. It Should help with your stomach." He said reaching his hand towards me with the little shiny wrapper in it.

"Yeah. Thanks." I said hoarsely as I unwrapped it and popped the gun stick in my mouth.

Now the guy in front of me, Blake, spoke up.

"Watch out, no telling what he laced that with." Blake laughed.

"Just the good stuff." Dakota added looking back at us. "Ain't that right Matt?"

"So that's what that taste is." I said and we all laughed.

Suddenly the laughter died off and there was another silence, but we were all thinking about the same thing, David.

"He was my friend. He was all of our friend." Matt said.

"He spoke of y'all as family. More of a family than us." I said turning and looking out the window.

"I won't argue." Blake said. "He never talked of anyone but his girlfriend, and you. You're his little brother, and he loved you. Kept up with all your accomplishments. You're just like him."

"Yeah..." I said as we pulled into a small village.

"We can finish this later." Dakota said. "We're in the hot zone. Buckle down and keep it frosty. Heads on a swivel. Everyone is breaking up by vehicle into three four man squads."

We pulled into an old parking garage and drove to the roof.

"Mission Sarg?" Blake asked Dakota as we exited the vehicle.

"Everyone take a over watch. There's four sides and four soldiers. We are the eyes for the other two squads. You see anything, ANYTHING, call it out."

"Yes sir." we all said as we took off in trots to different sides of the roof.

I got to the wall and looked five floors down to the ground. Only a goat herder and his goats were in sight. I pulled up my rifle and looking trough my M145 3.5x zoom scope. I scanned over the nearby houses and caught sight of something.

"Yo Sarg! I got weapons on a balcony!"

"Household thing Marcus."

"RPGs are household here?" I asked.

Dakota trotted over and looked through his scope.

"Good eye now we just need to wait for..." He was cut off by the sound of gunshots. "THAT!"

I ducked down to take cover and looked Dakota in the eye. He nodded as if he read my mind. I popped up and looked down the road at the balcony. I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger on my mounted grenade launcher. Almost instantly, the balcony explode in a giant fireball.

"That's what three RPGs and a butt load of ammo looks like when it all goes off." Blake laughed as he looked in my direction.

Suddenly there was an explosion as an RPG hit the wall by Blake. The concrete started to give away as Matt turned and started shooting over the side. I ran and slid onto my chest as I caught Blake's hand.

"Thanks man." He said as I pulled him up and started to return fire on the enemies.

"Ghost one-two prepare for a wild fight!" Dakota yelled. "Enemies inbound with tactical gun trucks from the North!"

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