Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


2. Denied

My eyes fluttered open and I was laying on the ground, but it wasn't the ground. I couldn't describe what it was. I looked around at all the people and subconsciously asked myself what was going on. As I looked I heard my name called. I turned in that direction to see two big pearly gates. I stepped towards them where a man in white robes appeared with two more robed, smaller, men beside him.

"David Black."


"Yes tis I."

"Am I going to heaven?"

"I am afraid not my child."

"But... I... I protected and saved eleven men in my squad and then two helicopter pilots, a gunner, and a medic!"

"I know this David, and it was a very honorable thing to do."

"So why can't I go in!?" I begged.

"Like many, you lived a fairly good life, but did not heed to the warnings around you and accept me."

"If I lived a good life why can't I accept you now!?"

"It doesn't work like that David. You had many of chances, and you blew them off for the game, firing range, or girls."

"I saved many of people!"

"I know David, but I'm sorry. I can't allow you inside my gates. You missed your chances for worldly things, and there was no room for me. You must be placed in the depths of hell."

With that he looked away. I started to protest but felt something grab my foot. It jerked and I fell to my face. I heard a sinister laugh and those around me looked scared. I reached again but found nothing as I was dragged into a lake of burning fire. The pain was brutal, excruciating, and there wasn't a drop of water to aid me. I would spend all eternity here and I knew it.

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