They Don't Know About Me


2. Chapter 2

"What! No way! R u serious?" I asked/said. "Yeah I'm sorry we didn't tell you before." He said looking down. "That's ok Starky(nickname) but do u know who my real parents are?" I asked waiting to know. "Nope" he said. I saw the sparkle in his eyes that he was lying. I knew it. He loved me too much for me to leave. "Stark,please tell me and if I go live with that family I will call you and visit all the time. But I know you can't stand it when the people you love go away"

"Ok yeah I get it u know that I know. But promise NOT to freak out when I tell you." He laughed a little. "Why would I freak out?" "Because you are Liam Payne's sister." WHAT IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING I thought. I breathed in and out. "You can freak out now!" He said with ear muffs on. "AHHHHH OMG IM A PAYNE IM A KAYDYNCE FREAKING JAMES FREAKING PAYNE!! I CANT BELIVE THIS!!!"

I ran downstairs screaming "AHHHHH!!!" Excitedly. "Mom dad would you let me live with my real family?" They looked at each other. "So Stark told you already. We thought you would be mad." "How can I be mad. I just found out I'm Liam Payne's sister." I said. "That's true. I can contact him if u want " "Ok!" They dialled the number. "Hello." He said in his British accent. "Hello Liam. This is your little sister Kaydynce."

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