Starbucks Baby

Ps. This is my first movella! No hate please.
Anna worked at Starbucks in Sherman,Tx. She saw that everyday a boy came and just watched her never spoke to her just watched didn't even order from her. She was a little creeped out by that. One day when she leaving and was walking home then something happens. Find out more in Starbucks Baby.


3. Chapter 3

Zayns P.O.V.

She was beautiful! I wanted her to mine and only mine. She seemed so nice but also feisty. I wonder what she could do in bed! I didn't know if she was a virgin I hope not because I want to teach from the start.

No ones P.O.V.

It was late that night and the sleeping schedule was Zayn then Liam then Harry then Niall the Louie. The flat had 6 bedrooms each of the boys had their own a guest bedroom which was Anna's because the last 2 nights she slept by herself.

Anna's POV

They told me my sleeping schedule and I got Zayn tonight. They provided me with TONS of Lingerie and cute outfits that were mainly see threw or really tight fitting or skimpy outfits. I was about to go to the bathroom to change when they said NO in front of us! Zayn got to pick out my lingerie for tonight and grabbed a condem out of the cabinet and had it ready. We I started changing everyone couldn't stop staring except for Niall which I was so thankful for. Zayn told everyone to go and when they left he locked the door turned all the lights off except a lamp and started undressing while he was undressing he told me to start rubbing him and also licking him. He said if I didn't I would get avoided tonight so I did and he moaned and finally he picked me up. Next chapter for more!

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