Starbucks Baby

Ps. This is my first movella! No hate please.
Anna worked at Starbucks in Sherman,Tx. She saw that everyday a boy came and just watched her never spoke to her just watched didn't even order from her. She was a little creeped out by that. One day when she leaving and was walking home then something happens. Find out more in Starbucks Baby.


2. Chapter 2

Anna's P.O.V.

I woke up in a basement with my legs and arms tied and my mouth was duc-taped. I could talking upstairs it sounded like a bunch of men. I accidentally coughed and I heard someone say " She's up" in a deep British accent. That instant I got scared because I heard running down the stairs. The man came to me and started reeling me how beautiful I was and wanted to make out with me and do more than just that. I was creeped out by that. After he finished talking I started coughing really hard because it smelt like smoke and I could tell they were drinking. I asked were I was and they said that's a secret and laughed. They explained the rules to me the basic rules like you escape you will expect bad things in bed, no food for three days if I try to escape too, and if I don't do what is told in bed they will do it harder and longer. I was so nervous but while they were talking I saw someone staring at my body and licking his lips. Man I wanted to get out of this place! Everyone was silent so I decided to ask for their names and the deep British accent said I'm Harry and then there was a Liam, Louis and the boy who kept licking his lips was Zayn but one stood out who was quiet and he whispered " I'm Niall." After that they explained how my sleeping schedule would work who I would sleep with each night and how many time could they " Do it" each month and of course they said unlimited amounts. I needed to leave bad!

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