Known forever

Julia manquil has lived next door to the Horans since she was about five. But never got the courage to talk to them. I mean their parents talk, but not Julia and Niall. They don't hate eachother they both just get a little shy. But will something bring them closer then ever before? Read this "Niall fan-fiction"


5. Leaving and meeting

Julia POV

     The next day I woke up quickly but I realized it was Saturday and I don't have school and plus it's spring break. I packed last night, all I packed was my clothes, cell phone charger, cell phone, and I'm even going to bring my guitar! It'll be fun to bring it and I could play for everyone...... If they want. I wonder who Nialls friends are? I guess I'll find out tommorow. Hmmm today I guess I'll just relax. I know what I can do! I can tune my guitar! I grabbed it and started to tune it, I finished quickly and I put it back in its case. i snuck downstairs and grabbed a apple. I'm hungry but I can't eat to much. I don't want to be fat. I usually eat a piece of fruit a day. My mom says I'm fat so I don't eat much. I eat have of the apple and threw it away. I look into the livening room and I see my mom. She's laid out in the couch with a beer in her hand and a cigaret in the other. I walk back up stairs and play on my phone for the rest of the day, boring right. Well I'm excited for tommorow so I won't be bored then. Night finally comes and I dose of to sleep, it was hard for me to fall asleep though. I was to excited! Morning arises and I jump out of bed and got ready. I then looked out the window over at Nialls house and saw people arive there. So I grab my bag and guitar and snuck out. I'm going to be nervous with a bunch of boys. I walk over to Nialls house and before I knock on the door he answers it. I was surprised a bit. He then says, " oh hey Julia! Come on in!" I walk in and the first thing Niall notices is I has guitar case, which has a guitar in it.  His eyes get wide and he asks, " you play guitar!" I smirk and nod my head and then he says, "awesome! So do I! I'll bring my guitar with us to so we can play together! Oh come in the living room to meet the boys and one of my friend girlfriends. I walk in and there are four other boys and a girl standing next to the boy with black hair and brown eyes. They all say there names and louis seems funny. Perrie which is Zayns girlfriend is super nice! Then Sherry walks in and asks, "are you ok sweety." I know what she is talking about, my mom. I then say, " yeah, she doesn't know I left." Niall then changes the subject and says, "so is everyone ready to go? We'll take my car and Harry's. Zayn, Perrie , me, and Julia will take my car. Harry, Louis, and Liam will take the other. We all put are stuff in the cars and get in. I was in the passenger seat next to Niall and Perrie and Zayn were in the back. Spring break/fun here i come!

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