Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


2. Him

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I walked out of class feeling more insecure than I ever have in my life. I saw people whispering and I couldn’t help but think are they whispering about me? what did I do wrong I was just trying to be nice.” Before I could conjure up a reason to cry Nat came up to me. “OMG so like my first period is such a drag.” She said that in a super peppy white girl voice which meant Lana was in her class. Lana was a very annoying popular girl who seemed to have every guy fawning over her. Her voice was as annoying as her attitude. I guess it suit her perfectly. “Lana huh?” “Yeah she sits like a few desks away from me and I can’t stand it!, I just wanna pop her head like a pimple sometimes.” “Woah there girly haha I’ll see you third period.” “Bye Rora.” Walking to second period I was hoping I didn’t have the same class as Zander.

I looked at my schedule and read, Mrs. Styles-marine bio. rm 2-133, I was a few doors from that class and low and behold I saw Zander standing there talking to Mrs. Stiles and walking into her classroom. You’ve got to be kidding me. I walked in and saw on the board, sit where you please. I chose a seat at a table in the back with only two chairs at it and who sits next to me? Zander Colner. He’s starting to freak me out. “Oh hey Zander” I say without excitement. “Do you mind if I sit here? I don’t really know anyone in this class, or this school haha.” “No I don’t mind at all it’s cool, I could introduce you to a few of my friends if you’d like.” “No that’s alright, you don’t have to do that” “Alright.” I said it as quick as I could and looked at Mrs. Stiles and waited for instruction. “So, Aurora right?” “That’s me” “Would you mind if I took a look your schedule.” “Oh no problem Zander, here.” “After about two minutes of staring at my schedule he said, “So we have all but two classes together.” WHAT? My brain is saying no but my heart is beating uncontrollably and I suddenly have a million butterflies in my tummy. “Oh is that so?” “Yes, we don’t have third or sixth together that’s it.” He said with a sort of smile and frown, if that makes sense. “Awesome, that’s good to know.” He looked completely confused for a second and then acted if I weren’t there for the rest of the class. This kid is something else. The bell rang and as I went to walk away I heard Zander say, “Bye Rora, see you fourth period.” I turned around and gave a quick nod and walked out. Rora? Why would he call me that?

Third period was Chemistry with Nat and we sat next to each other and we talked about our summer, at least the days when we weren’t together which wasn’t often. As we kept talking she asked if I’ve seen any cute boys around and I completely left out Zander and shook my head no. “They’re just all the same as last year Nat, no difference.” “Well you’re going to need a date for homecoming so i suggest you at least flirt with someone cute.” “Haha Nat you crack me up, girl I’ll be fine you know that.” “Yeah I know, it would just be fun to coordinate double dates and stuff.” “Double dates? who are you talking to?” I said with a wink. “Oh no one silly I meant for the future.” “Mhmmm I’m sure.” *RINNNGGGG* “Alright bye Nat.” “See ya later girly.”

Quickly remembering Zander was going to be in my next class I walked slowly in the halls so maybe he’d get there first and someone else would start talking to him. I regretted my plan the moment I walked into class. Who’d I see sitting next to him? Lana. The sight of her flirting with him made me feel so extremely jealous, I don’t even know why. Walking past both of them I noticed he looked slightly uncomfortable with Lana’s flirtatious gestures and I giggled to myself, maybe it wasn’t a bad plan after all.

Fourth period was woodshop with Mr. Scott, I had to sit next to a silent younger and geeky looking girl, probably a freshman. I kept to myself most of the class and just wrote down some important notes and doodled when I got bored. I looked over at Lana and Zander who were two tables to the right of me and noticed Zander was looking at me but once I looked at him he quickly looked away. Brushing off the gesture I continued doodling in my notebook until class was over. The bell rang abruptly and I grabbed my things and walked out behind Lana. “Ms. Marane a word please.” I stepped back into class, “Yes Mr. Scott?” “Listen I realize the first day may be a bit boring but can you please at least act like you care about what I’m saying?” I’m guessing he caught me doodling. “My apologies sir, I didn’t mean to disrespect you or the class.” “I know, that’s why I’m not giving you a lunch detention.” He said with a sarcasmic tone; I laughed. “Thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Goodbye.” I looked down at my schedule and read, Mrs. Wesley Pre-calc rm 3-215.

On my way there I saw Zander at a locker looking very confused and annoyed so I decided to help him out. “Hey you need help there?” “Yes please this stupid combo isn’t working” “Let me try” I plugged in the numbers and the locker opened at my command. “See?” I said as he smiled and asked, “How’d you do that.” “Oh you need a serious PhD in locker combinations, I’m pretty much the locker doctor.” “Hahaha your humor amuses me.” I don’t know why but I laughed with him and looked at his smile and saw a nice set of straight pearly whites and large K-9’s. Before I knew it our faces were only inches apart and then the bell rang. I giggled and said, “Your first day and you’re already turning me into a rebel.” “Umm no I think you got that mixed up.” Both laughing we walked to pre calculus together. In class, again, he chose the empty seat next to mine and I kind of felt overjoyed and I don’t know why but I could tell he was happy too.

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