Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


4. Get Ready

In my sleep I had a very scary dream. I saw a large wolf with brown fur and a stripe of grey on its side. I remember falling to the ground and trying to run away but my body wouldn’t move. I was frozen, frozen in my own fear. Frozen in the thought that I was about to die. I screamed and the large wolf lunged at me and I shot up and tried running away but I was too slow for this creature. I was knocked onto my knees and twirled around violently. I heard the wolf’s low grunts of anger and saw his head whip back as he howled upward soon followed by sharp pain. The wolf dug its claws into my side and I screamed, “ZANDER HELP ME!” *beepbeepbeepbeep* I turned off my alarm clock and groggily sat up. That was the weirdest dream I have ever had. I laughed at myself and got up and got ready for school. My mother was still asleep so I just left the house and was on my way. I pulled into the parking lot of school and didn’t find Zanders bike anywhere. I was kind of hoping I could catch him in the parking lot so I could ask where he went yesterday. Oh who was I kidding, I’m not his girlfriend I had no business asking him those kind of questions. With that I walked to class without another thought of Zander Colner. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch, my lunch was in between fourth and fifth period and so was Nat’s so we sat together. I tried focusing on the subject of discussion at the lunch table I really did, but I kept zoning out. For nothing too, my eyes raced over to the window I saw the creepy figure and for a second I thought I saw another figure. My eyes adjusted and there was nothing there. I’m going nuts aren’t I? I listened back in on the conversation and Bobby, Connor, Ethan, Macy, and Nat had just finished planning the movies for next Friday. “So do you wanna go Rora?” “Of course guys, we’ve done it only every year for the past three years.” “That’s the spirit.” “Hah, thanks Ethan.” “So how bout it? Night of the dead Friday at 8:30.” “Alrighty Connor.” *RINNNNGGGG* I decided to skip the rest of the day and went to my car in the parking lot.

I took a short nap in my car and woke up hearing the bell for last period. I watched as I saw fellow classmates walking to class, guys and girls flirting it up, and teachers yelling at kids to get off the grass. Once everyone was in class I turned on my car and then heard something from the woods. I looked out of the passenger window into the woods and I swear I was looking right at the face of a wolf, I focused on it and saw two glowing golden eyes, teeth showing and ready to pounce. It went further into the woods and I could only see shadows now. I saw the wolf spring and I saw the shape of a human in there too, before I could roll down the window and yell for them to get out the human suddenly shifted into the shape of a wolf. I screamed very loudly in my car and then heard tapping at my window and turned around and screamed again only to be met by a nervous Zander putting up his hands in awkwardness. “I’m so sorry Aurora I heard you screaming” I jumped out of the car and ran straight for his chest. He put his arms around me and said, “What’s wrong girl? Are you okay?” I pushed away and stood in front of him. “No I am not okay I just saw a wolf, a huge wolf and I think I saw a person, but they like turned into a wolf too and I don’t know whats going on.” He let me freak out for a second and then giggled. “What? what is so funny Zander I’m freaking out.” “You’re talking crazy, haha there’s nothing in the woods.” I looked into the woods and saw nothing, just the movement of branches in the wind and silence.

“So you think I’m hallucinating?” “No I think you need a nice long nap” “But I just took a- wait a second what are you doing here? where have you been?” “Oh me? I uhhh, my umm, Uncle came into town to check up on me, you see, I live on my own, both my parents died last year and I’ve been moving around, he came with more bad news, a distant relative is sick and near death and I stayed home today to figure things out, I came back to get some class work that I’ve missed.” “You’ve only missed the second day of school? What are you gonna miss?” “You’re right, I guess I’m just not thinking, but hey, I came for a reason, if it weren’t for me you’d still be screaming right now thinking you saw things in the woods.” As he said saw things he tickled my sides and I kind of liked it. “Stop it Zander it’s not funny.” I giggled and said, “Well I’m out of here biker boy.” “Hey listen would you like to umm, go for ummm, I mean-” “Yes I’d love to go for ummm” We both laughed. “No I mean, would you like to hang out today? Not as a date or anything just two friends hanging out ya know?” “Sure why not?” “Okay cool I’ll call you later?” “Yeah sounds good” We exchanged phone numbers and then I headed home. My mom wasn’t home so I went up to my room and fed my dog and fish. I then layed on my bed and closed my eyes for what felt like five minutes. I abruptly awoke and saw that the time was now 4:24. Oh my gosh! I slept for three hours, I checked my phone but saw I had nothing from Zander yet but I got up and started getting ready anyways. I put on my cutest black and red oversized sweater and chose a pair of black leggings. I put on my red converse and put on at least 10 bracelets. I went to the bathroom and checked my phone, still nothing from Zander. I put on my makeup and kept it natural but cute, then I wet my hair and put mousse in it and scrunched it. I was finally ready to go out but stil nothing from Zander. After half an hour of waiting around I decided to call him. He picked up on the first ring, “Hello?” “Hey Zander its Aurora.” “Oh hey.” He sounded distant and out of breath. “So umm, are we hanging out today?” *in the background* “ZANDER!” It sounded like a mans voice. “Look I don’t think I’ll be able to hang out today.” I then heard a low grunt and then nothing. He hung up on me. Cool, just cancel and try and fake something for it. I feel so special, not. I felt discouraged and went to my bed and sat there for a few moments

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