Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


1. First day

Hey, my name is Aurora Marane. I’m an only child in my home which consists of me, my mom, our dog, and fish. I wouldn’t consider myself popular but I do have my own group of friends. More like a tree of friends, with many different branches because I find myself becoming friends with my friends’ friends, so not everyone knows each other. I am just above five foot and average sized. I’m not anorexic but I can make it seem like I have a thigh gap when I want. Some people may call me skinny, I say I’m just me. I live in a world where fairytales don’t exist and magical creatures are pathetic; so I thought. The only time I’d hear the words beast or fairies were in story books. Such as this one, but the thing I’ve valued most in life is to believe the unbelievable and look with your imagination, not your eyes.

I’m not fond of bland and boring things. I’m into shopping, I like wearing oversized sweaters with leggings or skinny jeans and a cute pair of converse and half an arm full of bracelets, but I’m not a preppy rich girl. I also like dancing, singing, and art. I guess you could say I’m pretty artistic with myself. But in reality I don’t show off my artistry. I tell people imaginations are for those who can’t accept reality and I don’t believe in fairytales and magical creatures. Its all just nonsense coming from a desperate body who wants money. I can see past a lot of stupidity people put out there, but I keep quiet most of the time and mind my own business. I don’t know it’s just how I think.

Facing fears isn’t on my to do list and trust me, I do have many fears. Like the dark because I have no idea what’s in the dark, what if something grabs me and rips me to bits, it could happen ya know! Also I’m afraid of getting too attached to people other than my family, too much heartbreak for nothing. Fears in general just aren’t my thing.

So lately in my town, Saria, the weather has been acting funky. Almost every single day for the past two weeks there’s thunderstorms and lightning. I don’t dislike storms, I actually kind of like them but everyday, it gets old. When there’s storms like these all I want to do is nap and feel lazy and not do anything at all but with school coming up in one week I have to complete my summer assignments.

So that pretty well sums up my life. But once I get back to school a lot’s going to change. Like my whole life will change, and no its not because school is lame and I’m going to hate everything, but because of one person, one person who changes my life forever.

“Aurora wake up it’s the first day of school, you don’t want to be late again do you?” “Okay mom I’m getting ready I’ll be down in a few.” Typical school morning in my house. Waking up abruptly and quickly doing my hair, make up, finding clothes and accessories, and heading out. *phone vibrates* “Hello?” “OMG Aurora it’s the first day of senior year AHHHHH!” “Chill Natalie you’re going to burst my eardrum.” “Oh shush, hey guess what!” “What?” I asked eagerly. “So I heard from some girls that theres this new guy and he’s totally single and gorgeous.” “You’re telling me this why?” “Because you need to find your soulmate hun, talk to some guys, at least become friends with a few.” “I do have a few guy friends.” “I’m talking dateable guy friends, not immature guys who you talk to once a day because you have classes with them.” “Uhhhh Natalie I gotta go I’m gonna be late for school.” “We’ll end this conversation later missy!” With a sigh I went to my car and watched as my mom came to my window. “Bye honey have a wonderful day, drive safe and make good choices” “Thank you mother, goodbye.” As I was driving to school I turned up my radio and blasted my favorite songs and sang along terribly. The only time I get to break loose. I stopped at a red light only about 30 seconds from school and a tanned and toned looking guy on a nice black and red motorcycle stopped next to me and looked over. If it weren’t for the green light I could’ve stayed there for hours staring at his perfect complexion. I cruised behind him until I got to school and realized he was a student here as well. I watched him park his bike a few spaces over from mine and found that I’ve never seen him before. Maybe this was the guy Natalie was talking about. I guess I spaced out because when I refocused I realized I was still staring at him and he was looking right at me with a smirk on his face. Great, now I’m a creep, good going Aurora.

Being sure to not look like a creeper I followed behind him for a bit and saw that he had a great tough but sweet guy look going on. Dark blue perfect fitting jeans with a white shirt and a black leather jacket. But as I got closer I got to really see him. His hair was darkish brown and and he gelled his hair down but pushed it up in the front. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’ve never followed a guy like this before. I quickly snapped out of it and went to go find Natalie. It didn’t take me long to find her, our lockers have been next to each other since sophomore year. She was putting on mascara not caring who was looking, I swear, her body language screams look at me! But it’s cool, she gets all the attention, and I’m the friend who hears about what people really think of her later. I love her to bits though. She’s completely opposite of me and I guess that’s why we get along so well. Teaching each other new things everyday and enjoying each others company. “There you are Aurora I’ve been waiting like fifteen minutes for you.” “I know I’m sorry I got distracted, hey what’s your schedule?” We compared schedules and we had only 2 classes together. “Ugh I wish you never signed up for woodshop Rora” That’s what she liked to call me, Rora. It never caught on so everyone calls me by my full name but I like her nickname for me. It has a ring to it. “I know I’m regretting it too trust me. *RINNGGGGG* “Alright time for first period, I love you Nat!” “Love youuuu”

As soon as I walked into Mr. Zallinski’s english class I wish I didn’t. Because standing in the back just waiting for me to come and trap me in a steel box of awkwardness was biker boy. I looked at him and quickly looked down and began walking into class. “In the back Ms. Marane” “I’m sorry?” “Stand in the back until I tell you your assigned seat for the semester” “Oh right, sorry Mr......?” “Zallinski” “Right sorry Mr. Zallinski” Great, not only do I have to tolerate being in the same steel box as him, I have to stand next to him too. Can this day get any worse? “Marane, you’ll be in the second desk in the back, and Colner, right next to her.” Colner? who’s last name is, wait, oh god this can’t be happening don’t look, don’t look! I felt a presence sit right next to me and I used all the power in my body not to look. I simply stared out the classroom window away from this Colner biker boy. As everyone was getting seated, biker boy took off his jacket and exposed very toned biceps and muscular figure. Dang this boy works out. I only looked from the corner of my eyes because again, he caught me earlier trying to stare I don’t want it to happen again. “Um, hi I’m Zander, I’m new here.” He said it like it was a question. “Hey I’m Aurora, I’m not new here.” Not new here? What on earth am I thinking? He’s going to think I’m a sarcastic brat now. “Haha funny, I like that” I looked down at my desk and smiled trying to cover up my majorly blushing face. “Thanks, so, where are you from?” His forehead wrinkled together and he suddenly looked shy “A few towns over, nothing special” “I bet whatever town you came from was very special” Oh my gosh, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I speak to a guy and not sound pathetic. Maybe this is why Nat wanted me to find new guy friends, I really need practice with this. “Not really, it was ummm, a town like umm, like this one but smaller.” He suddenly looked a little nervous but I brushed it off, maybe he gets nervous around girls like I get nervous. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. Or does he? “Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked without thinking and quickly regretting it. “No not at all” He said it with a big smile and for a second we looked into each others eyes and I felt major butterflies. Wait, did his eyes just turn from brown to gold? “Ms. Marane?” Uh oh, has Mr. Zallinski been talking? “Uhhh, yes sir?” “Don’t make me regret seating you in the back I can easily change that” “Sorry I didn’t realize you began teaching” I felt Zander’s body tense up. What was wrong? “I’m sure Zander is more interesting than I am Ms. Marane but please don’t get distracted” I heard everyone giggle and felt my cheeks get extremely hot. Mr. Zallinski kept teaching and I sat there in total silence. So much for a steel box of awkwardness. Zander shot up from his desk and before I could ask why the bell for second period rung.

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