My Christmas Angel

Hello. My name is Mary Pope. I have foster parents who are very mean to me. They got me from a church. The church pays them 1,000 a month for me. But my parents use it on themselves. The church named me Mary from the bible because they found me on Christmas. I am in love with Justin Bieber but I know that he would never like me.


9. Christmas


Me and Justin were in the middle of the street. The snow was falling and we were in each other's arms. Our heads were against each other. It was 11:59.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Yes," I replied.

The clock struck 12.

"Merry Christmas Mary!" He said.

"Merry Christmas Justin!" I said back.

We both leaned in to each other and was kissed. Justin had his hand up holding a mini mistletoe.

Justin is..... My Christmas Angel!

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