My Christmas Angel

Hello. My name is Mary Pope. I have foster parents who are very mean to me. They got me from a church. The church pays them 1,000 a month for me. But my parents use it on themselves. The church named me Mary from the bible because they found me on Christmas. I am in love with Justin Bieber but I know that he would never like me.


3. Beaten By Emotion

As I went into my home room class blissfully hoping not to draw any attention to my raged clothes. I sat down next to a boy that never spoke. So having him for projects wasn't so nice.

I put my back pack on the back of my chair I moved my black long hair to the side. The smell of pencils, erasers, and old books filled the classroom. Making the people who didn't clean themselves seem so clean. Our teach Mrs. Lanigan who was a total good walked in dressed like Ms.Frizzle.

"Good morning students and today we are going to be wrapping presents for toys for tots. I was going to give you piles and piles of work sheets. HA. Just kidding I saw your faces!" She clapped twice.

I jumped up at the thought of what my dad did to me after I fixed breakfast late. He raped me like always. I am so lucky to not have any diseases by now. It was the 3rd time he had done it. And he said that if I didn't keep quite he would kill me.

"Okay, let's get to it" she walked around the room passing out toys and wrapping paper.

She handed me a Monster High Doll that said Frankie Stein daughter Frankenstein. She was green and had stitches cover her body.

While I was wrapping I got a paper cut and after dragging myself to the sink. I ran hot water under it and when turning around standing there was Jennifer Jenkins with her wanna be friends.

"Who brought the skunk to school?" She laughed. Her friends laughed with her.

"Just leave me alone Jennifer, you always do this to me when Mrs. Lanigan goes to do errands around the school." I replied.

"What a coward, so small and short. We would stay but we actually have boyfriends to talk to. Bye doggy." She walked away.

I went back to my desk and tried to hold back my tears. Which I had gotten good. Knowing the fact that I wasn't beaten and raped which leads back to crying. Which leads to getting beaten even more for making the crying and making noise for someone to hear.

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