Lyrics for the Hylian National Anthem (Legend of Zelda)

In my class, we are doing a project where we make our own country. We have to make passports, borders, emblems, flags, mottos, and even the national anthem. I'm a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan, so I based my entire country off of Hyrule. These are the lyrics to my national anthem that I wrote.
P.S. ~
The cover for this Movella is the flag that I created. The black is the crest of the royal family from Spirit Tracks, and the Hylian in the corner is from Twilight Princess (though you can't see all of it). It says "Light of Three."


1. Lyrics so Far...


Power, Wisdom, Courage

May those most blessed receive

One of pure heart, may he flourish

One of evil, may he not succeed


Balanced in three,

Let thy wish be granted

Pure of heart,

Paradise be handed

The three stolen,

Let your wish have end

Evil in heart,

Let Inferno descend

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