Roses Are Red But Bacon Is Redder

My name is Mary Clifford, I live with my brother (Luke), mom (Marge), dad (Johnathon) and my butler (George). I live in a big house in the middle of no where, in Minnesota. i am going to a new school, Grand Lac, where I make lots of friends and I meet a boy named Ben Wolf, who is the greatest guy ever,smart, handsome, strong and a murderer?


3. III

             We got to the theater at almost perfectly six, but he just had to talk to Luke for the longest time.  We walked in together, he wanted to hold hands but I just slid them away. We got our tickets and sat down in the giant dark room , when the movie started. Thirty minutes in the movie he yawned and slowly lowered his arm onto my shoulders, "Take it off or I'll break it off." I said still staring at the giant screen.

He took it off quickly as if I were serious. We watched the movie for ten more minutes when his phone went off, singing I'm Sexy And I Know It. Lots of people yelled, saying stupid things like, "That's my jam." and, "My grandma listens to this song.", but some people were funny by dancing and singing the song. Finally Ben picked up his phone, "Hello?" 


"Yeah, oh hey Danny, I'm kinda busy."

"Oh okay, well I just wanted to tell you that the coach is really mad that you missed practice."

"Oh...oh yeah, well tell him I am...."

Danny interrupted him"And there was a man here asking for you. He was wearing a long black coat, he looked so strange." 

"Who? What? Okay bye." 

         I stared at him a little annoyed, he looked right back at me with a troubled face. As I was waiting for him to hang up I surveyed his face, he looked kinda cute actually. I never had a boyfriend before, and maybe I should give him just one chance, right? He hung up the phone and I leaned my head on his shoulder, I looked up and smiled at him, but instead of happy he looked surprised. He soon smiled back and he did his stupid arm yawn crap and we watched the rest of the movie, comfortable on his warm chest and I think I almost fell a sleep, actually. We walked out of the theater,  to his car where he reached his hands around my head and gave me a really long hug, "So would you call that a date or hanging out?" he looked down to me with a closed smile. I smiled, "I would call that hanging out."

"Oh, okay but would you want to go out, on a date, tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that sounds great how about at my house at five?"

"Wow aren't we courageous, an hour earlier."

        This drive took a long time, I am pretty sure he took the long way just to talk to me longer, that's so cute. I examined my face in the window, my brown hair fell down my shoulders like a waterfall and my brown eyes were had a sparkle in them.

       The car slowed for a stop sign so he reached his hand and set it on top of mine , curled his fingers into mine and finally I let him hold my hand. I looked at him and smiled, he smiled right back.

         He was so muscular, so tall, so perfect. His perfect teeth went with his perfectly round brown eyes. When I look in his eyes I just melt, and when he held my hand, his hands were so big and strong. He seemed so sweet and smart, yet he was really funny from what I've seen.

        The car finally came to the giant gate, the gates opened and he slowly drove in. "Um, is your house behind the hotel?" he turned the car to a stop. We got out of the car, he reached down and gave me another long hug. I walked up the stairs looked back and saw that he was still standing in front of his car. I was still walking up the stairs, but wanted to run back into his big warm arms and give him a long..."Mary come on inside it's a very cold tonight." George was standing just a few steps ahead of me. Ben got into his car and drove off.                  George walked in with me and shut the door. "How was you date?" he seemed tense and unhappy. "It wasn't a date, you know that." I gave a playful hit to the chest, he laughed, "I know, I know." he was still smiling. I walked up the stairs and into my room, where I got dressed into some Hello Kitty pajamas. I crawled into my bed and curled into my blanket and fell asleep. 

        I woke up to a man in a long black coat starring at me from the doorway. I jumped out of bed and sat up still in my bed. He walked out of the room, "Hey who are you and what are you doing in my house?!" I walked out my door and tried catching up to him but it seemed like he was...he was floating! 

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