Life as we know it

Noel and Niall are a fantastic duo. The two are always with each other. Except when Niall tries out for X-Factor and Noel is left alone. When she gets kidnapped where is her knight in shining armor? Across the Atlantic ocean. How will she survive the abusive kidnapper?


2. He's cute!!

"What the heck?!?" my heart literally skipped like 16 beats!! "NOELLLL!!" I started down the stairs still frightened by the blood that I had thankfully washed off.

When I somehow achieved to make it to the final step, all eyes were on me, there was silence, and I felt ackward. "Helloo" a guy wearing suspenders said. "Sup" I replied. Yup if you haven't noticed, i'm sort of a tomboy. "Guys this is Noel!" Ni said literally screaming in my ear. "Ni, dude chilll godamn" I told him. "Oooh is she your girlfriend" The same guy said. Niall and I were laughing histerically. "So no then?" curls said. I decided to tell them and stop the confusion.

"He's my brother!!" but truth is he's much more than that. He's my best friend. And yeah I have friends. LOTS of em but Niall is the friend i've never had. He understands me completely and I understand him. We have a special connection that nobody understands but us.

"Oooooooooh" they all said, breathing sighs of relief. "How about we introduce ourselves" A cute guy behind curls said. "I'm Zayn" "I'm Liam" as soon as I heard those 2 names my heart fluttered. I already have feeling for them? "I'm Harry" "AND I'M LOUIS!!!" he was screaming so loud I thought that my ears would pop!!!! I saw Liam looking at me from the corner of my eye. I started blushing and eventually my cheeks were as red as a baboon's butt.

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