Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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10. X. Help From Speedy

     When Beth and I reached the town, we were exhausted. Luckily, we were greeted by two people at the entrance of the town.

     "Hello there, welcome to our-" one of the men said.

     Beth and I immediately fell down from exhaustion.

     When I woke up, I found myself laying in a bed. I sat up and looked around. I seemed to be in a house. Next to my bed lay Beth still sleeping. I shook her.

     "Hey, wake up." I said.

     She slowly woke up and looked at me as if I was crazy. Then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

     "Hey!" I yelled as I shook her again.

     "Just let me sleep. Please?"she mumbled.

     I ignored her and kept on shaking. When she gave up, she sat up as if she was a zombie.

     "Do you know where we are?" she asked.

     "No idea." I replied.

     We both got out of bed and exited the house, We were met by the same guy we had seen at the entrance of the town.

     "Looks like you two are up," he said, "I was told by a kind lady that you would be arriving and you were in great need for food and water for your trip."

     I could tell Beth and I were thinking the same thing.


     "Follow me. We have everything ready." he said.

     He began walking toward a big red painted house and we followed.

     He opened the door and we stepped in. Inside was a big empty space except for a blue bus in the middle of the room.

     As the man returned outside, he said, "This as far as I'm allowed. Good luck, demigods."

     How did he know we were demigods. Well, if he was Athena's messenger, then I wasn't worried.
Beth and I slowly walked to the bus and looked inside. We both jumped once we saw the drive. It was skeleton with a bus driver's uniform.

     "Hop in and lets go." said the skeleton with a slithery voice.

     This must be our transportation, I thought.

     I mustered my courage and and opened the door and went inside. Instead of seeing more skeletons along with dead people, it was actually pretty nice. It had a giant canvas duffel bag which I'm guessing had our food in it. The bag was laid at the back of the bus and in the middle were two laid out blankets. The rest of the space was empty and there was no windows except the the big glass where the driver looked through. I had no idea what that was called.

     When Beth entered, she closed the bus door and went right onto the blanket. I looked at her if she had lost her mind because she would rest easy during a time like this. I guess she tired from all the running.

     I sighed and took my place next to her and tried to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I wasn't even able to close my eyes for five seconds. Literally. I kept reopening my eyes as if the cyclopes were already here.

     I finally gave up and got up. I walked over to the duffel bag and unzipped just a little. Inside was filled with food. I saw milk and orange juice cartons, chips, bread, and more.

     Just then, my stomach grumbled from hunger. I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I fully unzipped the bag and got out a loaf of bread. Before I could stuff it in my mouth, I was interrupted.


     I turned around to find Beth sitting up and glaring at me.

     I smiled weakly and handed her the bread. "Hungry?"

     She snatched the bread and began eating. I took out another loaf of bread and began eating. When I finished, I decided not eat anymore. I strolled back to the blanket and laid down. Surprisingly, I slept as soon as my head made contact with it.

     Beth woke me yelling something about the bus crashing. I couldn't hear much and I ended drifting back to sleep. This time, she kicked me in the chest.

     "Ow," I groaned, "That's some way to treat your boyfriend."

     "Well my boyfriend might get us killed."

     "Killed?" I repeated as I began to sit up.

     What I saw shocked me. The bus looked as if it had been sliced in half by a knife between my and Beth's blanket.

     I crawled over to the duffel bag, which was safe, heaved it on my said, "Lets move."

     Beth opened the bus door and we both ran out. Well, at least tried since I had the duffel bag filled with food.

     As we began running, I saw a giant axe that could possibly be held by . . .

     I looked back. Charging toward us in the distance was an army of cyclopes. Terror ran through my body as I turned back around and kept on running.

     "Don't look back." I told Beth.

     She looked back.

     "Aah!" she screamed.

     "I told you not to look back." I said.

     After a few more minutes of running, an idea came to mind.

     "Stop." I said as I halted and so did Beth.

     "Are you crazy?" she argued, "Do you want us to get killed?"

     "Just trust me." I said.

     I put both my pinkies in my mouth and whistled as loud as I could. It was the loudest I could ever do.

     Come on Speedy.

     Then, a sort of matching sound tang throughout the rocky terrain we stood in. After a while, I began to see a shape coming toward us.

     It's gotta be him.

     "Over here!" I yelled as I waved my hands in the air.

     When the shape was in view, I could see its enormous wings coming from its sides. The friendly face of Speedy also began to come into view.

     "Its him!" I exclaimed.

     About two minutes, Speedy landed in front of us. I ran and hugged his long neck. I had missed him so much over the the time we were apart.

     "Can we get on?" I asked.

     He nodded his head.

     I threw the duffel bag on his back and flew on his back. I looked back at Beth to find her frozen stiff in astonishment.

     "Are you coming?"

     She snapped out of it and I helped he up.

     Then I realized that the cyclopes were getting closer.

     "Let's got." I said.

     Speedy began flapping his wings until we were high up in the sky. Then, he zoomed through the clouds. I had also missed the feeling of flying with him even though I had done it only once.

     "Good job." Beth said, "How did you know he would come?"

     "I didn't." 

     "What do you mean?"

     "I just guessed that he would come. I wasn't sure."

     "What!?" she yelled, "So you just risked out lives on a maybe!?"

     I smiled and nodded my head. "Yep."

     "Next time, I call the shots." she said.

     "No problem."

     As we flew, I was still trying let what Apollo had said. So the gods were fighting a war against the cyclopes, Camp Half-Blood, the so-called safest place for demigods was now guarded by enemies, and Beth and I could be the key for the survival of the gods. Try putting yourself in my shoes. I'm struggling not pass out from the overwhelmed myself.

     "So where are we going?" Beth asked.

     I shrugged. "I don't know."


     For the rest of the way, we sat in silence.

     When Speedy began to slow down, I looked down to see where we were. We were currently hovering over a forest. But more specific, a cave in a forest. Speedy landed in front of the cave and we got off his back.

     As he began to fly away again, I said, "Thanks Speedy."

     He nudged his head toward the cave and then flew away. 

     Beth and I entered the cave, me still carrying the duffel bag. When we entered, a boulder appeared out of nowhere and covered the mouth of the cave. Then, floating candles illuminated the cave. A woman with a long black hair and fierce black eyes stepped from the shadows. She had a jet black robe that went all the way down to her feet. 

     "I'm Hecate," she said, "Goddess Of magic. I was sent here by Zeus to guard you as the war goes on." she snapped her fingers and chairs appeared behind Beth and I, "Please, make yourself comfortable."

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