Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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8. VIII. I Get An Unexpected Visit

     "Morning." I said to Beth as we both headed to the dining hall.

     "Morning." she said back.

     For the rest of the way, we walked in silence. When we entered, everyone turned toward us and cheered. Drew's table and a few others just ignored everyone and continued eating. We continued walking, trying to ignore them, but it wasn't easy.

     "Congratulations you two." someone shouted.

      When Beth sat down at her table, all her cabin mates crowded her with questions. I quickly scurried away toward my table as some of them tried to ask me questions. I sat down and buried my face under my arms. The memories of of last night were still vivid. I felt myself blushing. Thank the gods nobody could see my face right now.When I felt myself cool down, I pulled my head up again. 

     I ordered a french toast, bacon and eggs on my magic plate and began to eat. When I finished, I got up and walked out of the dining hall.  

     "So you're going to leave your girlfriend behind?"

     I spun around to find Beth standing cross armed a few feet from me.

     "Girlfriend?" I said.

     "You beat Drew right?" she asked.

     "Oh yeah. Actually, he surrendered to me." 

     "Same thing."

     "OK, OK. Sorry for leaving you," I said, "But I need to do something very important."

     I turned around and began to walk away again. She didn't say anything so I guess she must've understood. 

     I walked to my cabin and took off my Camp Half-Blood shirt and put on the one I had wore on the day my mom had died. At the thought of that, my hands began to shake.I quickly got back in control and walked out of the cabin. I stopped a few feet from it and looked back. This might be my last time I saw it. Why?

     I'm going to get my revenge.

     I turned back around and began to walk toward the lake. After a few minutes, I saw a boy around my age standing next to the lake. He looked skinny with blonde short hair and hazel eyes. He wore a Camp Half-Blood shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers. I remembered that I'd seen him coming out of the sixth cabin next to mine. 

     I smiled and waved at him. "Hello."

     He smiled back. "He-"

     All of a sudden, his eyes began to glow green and green mist began to surround him.

     He voice voice changed to one sent shivers up my spine. It sound like a talking snake, if they could talk:

     You shall embark on a quest for vengeance

     and have unexpected appearances

     with help of the the god of waters

     you will face the one-eyed creatures

     After that, he fainted and I caught him before he hit the the ground. I put his arm around my shoulder and carried him back to his cabin. When I arrived, I took a moment to look at his cabin. It looked like an ordinary cabin except that fact that it looked like it was made of solid gold in the morning light. I walked up to it and knocked on the door. The door immediately swung open and two people came out. They both looked like twins, literally. They both had the same blonde hair, Camp Half-Blood shirts, blue jeans, and even the same shoes!

     "Hey! What did you do to Cedric?!"  they both said at the same time.

     "Sorry." I said, "All of a sudden he's okay, and then his eyes turned green-"

     They both held out their hands to cut me off. 

     "Did you say his eyes turned green?" they both said.

     I nodded.

     "Did green mist come around him? And did he speak in a weird voice?" they said at the same time again.

     Once again, I nodded my head.

     They took Cedric from me and turned to me smiling.

     "You should get going." they said at the same. OK, this beginning to creep me out, "Good luck!"

     They took him inside their cabin and closed the door.

     Could they be talking about . . . .? No, that can't be.

     I went back and crossed the bridge without running into anyone whose eyes glow green and speaks in a weird voice. didn't really know where I was going but I just went where my instincts told me. I turned and walked by what I recognized as a volleyball court. I kept on walking until I recognized a giant dragon wrapped around a pine tree.

     When he saw me, he unwrapped himself off the tree, revealing a young dragon. I wouldn't call it young since it was bigger than me, but it was smaller than the other dragon.

     It walked forward and spread it big wings. Then it bowed its head toward me. I mustered the courage to walk up to it and pet it. It seemed to like because it wings began to moved around when I did. I pulled my hand back and it bowed so low that it's head touched the ground.

     "Do you want me to get on?" I asked.

     It nodded.

     OK. I slowly went next to it and got on. It stood up and began to flap its wings. We began to rise higher and higher until I could see all of Camp Half-Blood. The wind cause by the dragon's wings caught some attention at the camp. Everyone gasped and pointed at me. Chiron came out of The Big House and his mouthed dropped open when he saw me.

     "Get back here!" he yelled.

     No, not now. I wasn't going to give up now that I was this close.

     I leaned forward and whispered in the dragon's ear. "Take me to the nearest cyclops."

     I don't know if he understood, but he flew forward at incredible speed. I felt awesome as I flew, especially at this speed. I put my hands outwards and felt the strong winds. It was cold, but I just stayed there, felling like I was at the top of the world.

     When my hands began to feel tired, I pulled them back and laid my head on the dragon's neck. For some reason, that part was warm. I closed my eyes and waited for my stop.

     After a while, the dragon began to slow down. I opened my eyes to find that we were now flying over a busy city. People were everywhere! People were going in and out of buildings, others were walking around, and there were tons of taxis.

     Wait a minute. People?! If they saw us . . .. . 

     ""Fly somewhere that there isn't people." I whispered in the dragon's ear.

     Once again, his increased his speed and flew off but I couldn't see since I had to cover my face from the strong winds. 

     When he stopped, we were floating over a dock. There was no one there, which was good. He landed and I got off.

     "Thanks, Speedy." I said.

     I named him Speedy because of his incredible speed in flight. He began flapping his wings and flew off.

     "My my. So that's Peleus's son? I've heard of him, but I've never had time to see him myself."

     I turned around to find sea green eyes staring back at me. The man had a nice tan with short black hair and a black neatly trimmed beard. He wore a colorful Hawaiian shirt and khaki Bermuda shorts with Birkenstock(leather sandals). He held in his hand a giant three-headed fork. A trident.

     "Who are you?" I asked.

     He put on a frown and looked at his trident. "Oh, come on. I even brought this with me so that you would immediately know." he shook his head, "You really are stupid."


     He smiled. "Just kidding." 

     His smile seemed to reassure me of safety.

     "I'm called many, like me brothers ans sisters, but I like them, I also prefer a specific name?" he said, "Can you guess what it is?"

     "You must be a big family." I joked.

     He laughed.

     "But seriously, who are you." I asked.

     "My name is Poseidon, also know as god of the seas, earthquakes and other names the mortals gave me." he said with a smile.

     Did he just say his name was Poseidon?

     "U-Uncle?" I said.

     "I guess you could call me that." he said, still smiling.

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