Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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7. VII. Capture The Flag Is Over!

     Immediately, everyone charged but Maya, Beth and a few others. 

     I looked at Beth. "Do I go too?"

     "No. Wait for a while." she replied.

     After a few minutes of hearing battle cries and clanging of metal, Beth allowed me to go. I ran full speed toward the middle of the forest. As I ran, I began to doubt myself about fighting Drew. If even Beth was worried about fighting him, considering how strong she was, I should be scared as well. What if I lost? What if he killed me? These thoughts began to fill my mind until I came to a halt. In front of me stood armored fighters.

     "Looks like you made it." one of them said.

     "Um, hello. Lovely evening, don't you think?" I joked.

     A few chuckled. One of the bigger ones stepped forward and drew his sword. "Get ready to die." then he charged.

     He reminded me of the cyclops that had been chasing me with his slow charging. At that thought, my mind went blank from anger and I charged. The air currents allowed me to run farther and was in front of him in two seconds flat. His face looked surprised and he stuttered back. I tripped him and he landed on the ground with a loud thud. The ground around us began to shake. He must've weight a ton in order to do that. I ignored the shaking and grabbed my necklace. I turned into Lightning and I pointed its tip at his throat.

     "Would you like to die instead?" I said.

     "N-N-No." he stuttered.

     I let go of my sword and turned back at the others. Immediately, they all charged. I realized that they weren't charging at me though. They passed me and kept running forward toward . . . . Beth. If I knew Drew, which I really didn't, he must've sent them to capture Beth. Typical. I got up and began to float off the ground. I knew I couldn't get there in time by running on foot, so why not just fly?

     I willed myself to go forward. I felt like a bird as I soared through the night sky. Then I remembered my main priority. I began to slow down when I saw a huge army. They were all circled around around one person.


     But where were Maya and the others?

     The first one attacked but she easily disarmed him and knocked him out with her hilt. One after another, they attacked. I knew she couldn't last much longer so I flew in.

     "Beth! Hold your hand up!" I yelled.

     Everyone turned to look at me. I could the surprised expressions on their faces. Beth held her hand up and quickly grabbed it and we flew away. One of the army guys who had a spear threw it. I easily flew to to the right and the spear sailed right by us. I turned around and headed back in the direction I was going in before. I made sure to fly away from the army that was still standing in the same place we'd left them.

     "Thanks a lot, Air-Head." Beth said.


     "Yeah. It fits you perfectly"

     "Whatever." I said.

     "So when did you learn this?" she asked.


     "You mean Lord Zeus?" 

     "Yeah." I said, "OK. Here's your stop."

     I flew down and let her down. I took a moment and took off my helmet and put in on te floor.

     "Will you be OK?" I asked.

     Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed me. When she drew back, I just stood there frozen.

     "I'lll be fine. Come back safe Air-Head." then she ran deeper into the woods until she disappeared in the shadows.

     I snapped back in focus once I heard Drew's voice.

     "What's taking you so long, stupid!" 

     I ran toward the voice until I found Drew. He stood holding a red flag with a spear drawn on it. Then I remembered that it was one of the symbols of Ares. He had a huge smirk on his face as if he had already won. When he saw me, he laid the flag on the tree next to him and turned to face me. 

     "You ready, punk?" I said 

     "I should warn you now, if you want to live another few years, I suggest you surrender now." 

     He chuckled. "You think you can threaten me?"

     "Of course not. I'm warning you." I said as I put out my left hand. Electric sparks began to appear. Phew. If this didn't work, I wold've been done for.

     As soon as he saw the sparks, his face turned to horror. He began to back away until he hit a tree.

     "Where's all that confidence, Drew?" I said as I walked closer.

     "Y-Y-You can't scare me." he stuttered.

     "I did warn you, didn't I?" 

     I ran towards him at full speed with my hand ready to zap him.

     Have you ever heard of Naruto? Well, that's where I got this move. It's called Chidori. Sasuke and Kakashi loved to do this move in Naruto, so I thought I would try it out to. Cool, right?

     I stopped my hand a few inches from his face. "If you gve me the flag, I'll leave you alone."

     "J-Just take it already." 

     I picked up the flag and began to float of the ground again. "Thank you very much, sir. Have a good evening now." then I flew away.

     After a minute or so, I saw archers ahead of me with their bows and arrow ready.

     "Aim! Fire!" someone ordered.

     Arrows filled the sky ahead of me, all of directed at me. 

     Too easy, I thought.

     I willed the air currents once again and turned the arrows back. Since I was feeling generous, I made the arrows land next to their feet as a warning. If they did it again, I wouldn't be so nice.

     I guess they took my warning because they all scrambled around. I flew by them and continued forward.

     Then, after a few more minutes, I began to see the creek.

     "Woohoo! We did it!" I yelled.

     I passed right over it and I heard a horn blow.

     I landed on the other side of the creek to find Beth there.

     "Looks like you made it." she said with a smile.

     "Yeah. I guess I did." I said.

     She walked up to me and kissed me again.

     We heard someone cough and we both quickly drew back as fast as we could. We looked behind us to find Chiron with a few other armored campers by his side. Beth and I blushed cherry-red.

     "It's fine to have feelings for each other, but could you do that in privacy?" he said.

     I could see other campers blushing as well.

     "Capture The Flag is over!" Chiron's once again boomed throughout the forest, "The game goes to the Red Team, Hermes cabin!"

     The campers heaved Beth and I on their shoulders.

     "HIP HIP, HOORAY! HIP HIP, HOORAY!" they chanted.

     "Congratulations Air-Head." Beth said.

     "No problem." I said with a smile.

     The people carrying us took us all the way to the dining hall. Then they dropped me off at my table and Beth at hers. I just sat there, exhausted. Then I looked at Beth. I could that she exhausted as well by the way she looked like she was going to fall asleep any second.

     After a few minutes, more people entered. Once they all sat down, Chiron began to speak.

     "I'm very sorry to those of you who had to fight on an empty stomach. I changed the schedule and had Capture The Flag before dinner because of Dionysus's wishes. I'm very sorry." he said, "But now that we're all here, let's dig in!"

     Plates and cups appeared in front of everyone. 

     "Two slices of cheese pizza." I said weakly.

    They appeared and I stood up and walked to the fireplace and dumped both of my slices of pizza in the fire.

     Thanks a lot, dad, I thought.

     I slowly walked back to my seat and sat down. I didn't feel like drinking either so I just waited until dinner was over and we all went to singalong. After that, I lazily walked back to my cabin and got into my comfortable bed and then went to sleep.

     Luckily for me, I didn't have any weird dreams like the other nights I've slept in my new cabin. I just smoothly slept through the night until the next morning. I had made a very important decision during Capture The Flag that I wasn't going to back out on. 

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