Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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3. III. I Get Claimed By My Dad

    I take a nap for about an hour and I'm awake again. I spend ten minutes trying to go back to sleep and fail miserably, so I just went for a walk. 

     I just keep walking for a few minutes and stop at the arena. I walk down the steps to find Beth practicing on a dummy. On the ground lay tons more dummy pieces which I'm guessing she's cut up. She rolls to side and in a swift movement, she had stood up and and and cut the dummy's head off.

     I flinched. "I hope that's not me you're cutting up there!" I yell at her.

     She looked in my direction and spotted me.

     I waved my hand and smiled, "Hello."

     "Why not come down and and fight me." she said.

     "Sure." I said as I walk down the stairs.

     When I reach the the arena, she had two swords and one in each hand. She handed me one and got in her stance.

     "Ready of not, he I come." she said as she charges at me.

     She swings her swords and I quickly parry. I jolt backwards and step forward while thrusting. She saw it coming and parried it too. We kept on going back and forth. I must admit I was enjoying it, and I could tell that she was too.

     After a few minutes of parrying and dodging, I finally saw an opening. I studied her and learned that whenever she dodged or parried, she would leave herself wide open for a little while and then switch back to defense. So I used it as an advantage(Don't judge me).

     I brought my sword down half way, and as I expected, she quickly brought her sword up to block it. I took that chance and and thrust forward, stopping near her throat. She was caught by surprise and knew that she had lost. She dropped her sword and put her hands up, surrendering.

     "Good match." I said.

     She smiled. This was the first time I'd seen her smile. She looked, well . . . . . beautiful. I froze, caught by surprise. Big mistake. In a swift movement, she had kneed me in the stomach. I dropped my sword and clutched my stomach. "Ahh!"

     "You're never supposed to ever let your guard down, you stup- Ahh!!"

     I had punched her in the stomach. I kinda felt sorry, but she really pissed me off. That was a dirty trick she just pulled. "You shouldn't let your guard down either, miss stupid." I said.

     I walked away before she had a chance to do anything. When I was out of the arena, I ran back to the cabin I had napped in a few minutes ago.

      I plopped down on the blanket and closed my eyes.

     What's with this feeling? I thought as I looked at my hands.

     Whenever I get in a fight, I feel like a completely different person. My reflexes are faster and my body responds perfectly as if I'd been doing it my whole life. It might be because of my ADHD, but I had a feeling it wasn't that at all. 

     I blocked  the thoughts out of my mind and just lied there.

     After a few minutes, I get up and walk to the arena again. When I reached it, I made sure there was no one inside. Clear. I walk down the steps of the arena and find the sword that I had dropped still laying there. I guess she left it there. I also realized that there was fresh dummies all around the arena. I picked up the sword and walked up to one. The straw dummy seemed to be giving me a hateful look. I swung my sword and cut it head off. I felt a strange feeling of sadness and pity as I cut its head off. I looked at the next one, which stood a few feet away from the the one I was at, and charged at it. When I came about three feet to it, I swiftly spun around, coming up behind it and thrust . Then It quickly pulled my sword back and cut its head off. Once again, a feeling of sadness came up again.

     "Not bad. You'll do just fine for Capture The Flag tomorrow." I heard a familiar voice say.

     I turned around to find Beth sitting in the back row. 

     "I knew you'd come back." she said, "That's why I left the sword here."

     "Did you say Capture The Flag?" I asked.

     She ignored me and got up. "We'll get your weapon after the singalong. Come on, its time for dinner to start." she said.

     At the same moment she said that, I heard loud noise that sounded like a horn blowing.

     She began to walk and I quickly caught up to her. We walked back to the cabins, but this time, I found lots of people walking out of the cabins. We walked around the cabins and came to what looked like an ancient Greek temple. We walked in along with everyone else. 

     Inside was twenty tables all with white cloths and purple trims. Beth walked me over to one of the tables where I recognized some of the people I had seen this morning. When we walked over to sit down, I saw tons of people looking at us and whispering to each other. I ignored them and sat down next to Beth.

     "Can I get everyone's attention." 

     I turned my head to find Chiron standing a the front of the room. Next to him sat a man that looked like he was in his twenties and had on a sarcastic smile. He wore a yellow cheetah spotted shirt and was drinking from from a glass cup with a purple liquid in it which I took a guess was wine.

     "Before we begin to eat, I want to introduce a new camper today." he said. I could tell that he was speaking in a normal tone, yet his voice echoed through the room. He looked straight at me. "His name is Jake...."

     "Callester." I said with embarrassment.

     "Callester!" he said. "He is still undetermined, so please treat him kindly and no teasing."

     Undetermined? What was that supposed to mean. And don't tease me? What kind of camp was this?

     "Now, lets dig in!" he he said.

     Immediately, plates appeared in front of all us and I almost jumped back.

     "Where is the food?" I whispered to Beth.

     She seemed annoyed. "Just say what you want and it'll appear on you plate." she told me.

     "Thanks." I whisper as I look back at my plate. I thought about it and came up with something. "Hamburger and fries with chicken and blueberry cookies.." It did seem pretty original, but I couldn't think of anything else. Don't ask me why.

     Instantly, a hamburger, fries, a chicken leg, and blueberry cookies appeared on my plate. I looked at my cup which had appeared with my plate and thought that the same thing should work for it too. I speak into it, "Fruit punch." As soon as I said those words, a red liquid began to fill my silver cup. I picked it and examined it. Finally, I put my lips on it and sip some. Fruit punch!

     I looked back at my plate and said, "Hamburger with ketchup." and immediately, the hamburger disappeared in thin air and a new one appeared. I lift the top bun off to find ketchup spread over it. Cool, I thought.

     I pick up my hamburger and as I was about to take a bite out of it, I saw everyone get up and line up toward the fireplace at the front of the room next to where Chiron stood eating his meal. Then I realized that they all had their plates filled with food in their hands.

     "Get up, stupid!" I heard Beth say. I get up with my plate in my hands and get in line behind her. 

     When I got closer to the front of the line, I saw what they were doing. One after another, they all dumped a portion of their food into the fire. 

     "Why are they doing that?" whispered to Beth.

     "The gods like the smell." she whispered back.

     So the gods like the smell of burnt food? Oh, well. They are gods after all. Weird ones at that.

     When it was my turn, I did what everyone else had done. Before I went back to my seat, I got a sniff of what the gods liked so much. Man it smelled good! It wasn't at all like what I thought. It smelled like all the foods we had dumped in there, but not all together. They each had their own scent. Gravy, chicken, and other things. All of a sudden, I was beginning to envy them.

     I sat down and Beth came back and sat down. I picked up my hamburger again and right when I was about to take a bite off it, I saw people people glaring at me.

     Again?! What is it this time? Did I have ketchup on my face or something? Even Beth had stopped eating and was looking at me. Then I looked at Chiron. He too had frozen from his eating and had his mouth open. Inside it was was mashed up food. Gross man! Then I looked back at Beth. She pointed above my head. I looked up to find a white holographic thunderbolt above my head. I tried to smack it away, but my hand just passed through it.

     "Allow me to reintroduce our new camper. Everyone, meet Jake Callester, " I heard Chiron say, "Son of Zeus, ruler of the skies and King of the Gods."

     What did he just call me? I thought.

     Everyone got up and bowed to me, even Beth.

     "All hail Jake Callester, son of Zeus." Chiron said.

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