Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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2. II. Camp Half-Blood

         Fear begins creeps inside me, but I fight it back. 

     Instead of breathing fire and burning me to a crisp, It nods its head to the left where two pillars made a doorway with a sign that read: CAMP HALF-BLOOD.

     "Do you want me to go in there?" I asked?

     It nodded its head.

     I looked back down the hill to find the cyclops still rubbing its eyes. I was about to run down there and finish it off when a voice in my head spoke to me.

     "Don't go. You'll be only committing suicide" the voice said.

     Wait a minute, this voice. I remember now! This is the same voice that I've hearing in my dreams.

     "But why?" I said, "It killed my mother!"

     "If you turn around and go to Camp Half-Blood, I promise you that you'll exact your revenge not only to him, but to all his kind as well." 

     "And why should I trust you?" I said.

     "Because I'm part of you, and you're part of me." the voice said.

     I turned around and walked to the doorway. I never got to see what was behind it because my vision immediately blackened and I fell to the ground.


     I opened my eyes to find lots of faces looking at me.

     "He's awake! Get Chiron!" one of them said.

     I tried to get up, but there wasn't enough space. The all back away and I swing my legs off my bed. When I stand up, I realize that I was in a cabin. I looked back at the faces that I had woken up to to find that most of them were my age, but some looked older. They all stared back at me as if they'd never seen a human being before. That's when I remembered what had happened early this morning. Tears began to form in my eyes as I remembered the sight of my mom's motionless body. I fight back back the tears and wipe away some that had managed to appear.

     "Is this Camp Half-Blood?" I asked.

     They all nodded but one of them stepped forward. She had beautiful long brown hair and sparkly green eyes. She wore blue jeans and an orange shirt and a black Pegasus, which had the words: CAMP HALF-BLOOD written on top of it.

     When she stepped forward, everyone got to one knee.

     "Hello there. My name is Beth Lester, daughter of Hermes. I am the one who brought you to camp after I found you laying at Half-Blood hill while on border patrol." she said.

     "Ummm, thanks." I said not asking anything about how she just called herself 'daughter of Hermes'.

     Everyone shot me a nasty glare as if I'd done something wrong, which apparently to them I had.  

     "What's wrong with them." I ask.

     She pointed to the ground in front of her. "Kneel to your superior." she said.

     I looked at her with a confused look. "Why?" 

     "Because I'm the smartest person at camp, fastest, best at swordsmanship, and the most important thing," she flicked her hair, "My beauty."

     I began to crack up. Her face turned enraged. One of the people kneeling next to her got up and punched straight at my face. I easily tilted my head, sending the punch directly by my face, and then pushed him back.

     "Sorry. That was my reflexes." I said while smiling.

     Beth now looked like she was about to burst. She stepped forward and drew her sword from its sheath which had been hanging next to her waist.

     "Apologize, or face the consequences of crossing me." she said.

     I waved my hand in front of my face and said, "No thanks."

     That dropped the bomb. She lashed out at me with her sword. She tried to stab me, swung her her sword at my head, and even tried to hit me in the face with the hilt. I easily dodged and sidestepped all of them while saying things like, 'That was close!' and 'Are you trying to ruin my beautiful face or something?'

     When she was gasping for breath I was barely tired at all. When she caught her breath, she but her sword back in its sheath. Then she looked at me and I could've swore I saw a trace of a smile coming up on her lips.

     "You are lucky that today I'm not feeling well." she said.

     I knew she was lying but I said nothing about it.

     "Whatever." I said.

     "You should be grateful for your life." one of the guys kneeling said. This time it was a girl. I guess even girls admired her.

     Sure, sure. She's beautiful and all that, but she seems to be one of those proud kind of people.

     "Chiron's here, m'lady." someone from outside called.

     M'lady? OK, now I beginning to freak out.

     "Got it." she said. Then she looked back at me. "Chiron wanted us to tell him when you awoke."

     "Who is this Chiron anyway?" I asked.

     She ignored me and walked out the cabin along with her 'Beth Fanclub'. That was my new nickname for them. 

     I too walked out the door, but almost faint a what stood in front of me. At first I thought that it was a man riding a horse, but then I realized that the horse body was connected to the man's body. Then I remembered that we had talked about Greek Mythology in my school. Ummm, what was it again? Oh yeah, a centaur! A torso of a man and the rest under the torso was a horse's body.

     The centaur which I presumed was Chiron had on a white shirt that you could see under his black coat. He could've been wearing a suit if it wasn't for his horse legs.

     "Hello, young hero," he said, "And what might your name be?"


     "Jake," I said, "Sir." I added quickly to be polite.

     He smiled. "Just Chiron, please." he said.

    "Yes si-, I mean Chiron." I had stopped myself from saying sir again.

     He chuckled. "Have you take a look around?"

     I turned around to look at where I was, only have my breath taken away. I've never seen anything like this. I took a few steps forward until I was standing next to a pile of used logs with seats around it. I then looked all around me. I saw twenty cabins arranged in a U shape. Each one looked different from the other.

     "Those are the cabins for children of the gods or goddesses of Olympus. They are known as demigods or half-bloods, meaning half-god and half-human." Chiron said.

     "What? But that's just Greek Mythology you learn in school. Those can't be real." I said.

     "Oh, yeah. Well how do you explain the cyclops that attacked you and your mom early this morning?" he said.

     That hit the spot. Tears once again began to form, but this time, I held all of them back. "Whatever." I said.

     "Now come. Me show you you around camp." he said with a smile.

     With what had happened this morning, I was about ready to believe anything anyone told me.

     I catch up to Chiron and he leads me to an arena. It looked like one of those big ancient types with broken pillars and stuff. When we began to walk by it, I saw people with swords like Beth had had. Some were hitting away at dummies and others were dueling one another. 

     When we passes the arena, we came to a large metal shed that Chiron opened. Inside was packed with armor and weapons. There was small armor, big armor, two foot daggers, swords all sizes and . . . . well, you get the picture.

     "And this is the Armory. It's where you can get your weapons and armor." he said.

     "Just what is this place?" I asked terrified.

     "Oh yeah. I knew I forgot to mention something. I guess a few hundred years do this to you," he said, "Camp Half-Blood isn't just where we keep demigods safe. We also train them so that they can be able to protect themselves while on quests or when they got out into the real world." he explained.

     Hundred years? Protect yourself? Train you? Quest? All these questions filled my mind when he was done explaining.

     Not wanting to to look stupid, I simply nodded my head and he closed the shed door and we continued our walk.

     After a few minutes we reached stables. When we looked inside, I was pretty used to surprises now so I wasn't as surprised when I saw horses with wings walking around the table.

     "These are pegasi, plural for Pegasus. The first ones were the offspring of the original Pegasus. Then those pegasi gave birth to other pegasi and it continues." Chiron says.

     Finally! Something I understand! Well, actually, it's half understand but who cares right? It's not like they're gonna quiz me on this, are they? 

     Then Chiron pointed left. "And over there are the strawberry fields."

     I squinted my eyes and managed to see them. Next to them dancing and playing pipes were what I recognized as satyrs. Human torso, but hairy goat legs for feet.

     "And those are the satyrs playing their pipes to make the strawberries grow faster." he said.

     Then he turned around started running or galloping, whatever you want to call it. Once he started running/galloping, I couldn't even keep up. He halted a few feet from the arena and crossed a bridge that we had passed before. When I caught up, we stood at the first normal house I'd seen for this 'tour'. It was large and painted sky-blue.

     "Here is the Big House. It is the camp's infirmary and and as my office and main administrative." he said. "Now that'll be it for today. I'll be sending Beth to get you for dinner." he said.

     Just then, my stomach grumbled. I blushed.

     "OK. Go back to the cabin you were in before and rest. Do you remember it?" he said.

     I nod. "Yeah. See you later." I said as I turned around and walked off. I crossed the bridge and walked all the way back to the cabin I had awoke in and and almost got lost a few time. Almost.

     When I reached it, I walk inside and find a few people I had seen this morning there as well. They all grinned like sly foxed which gave me a bad feeling. I took off my shoe and threw it on the bed I was sleeping in this morning. As soon as it touched it, metal spikes popped up and poked holes in my sneakers.

     I immediately exited the room knowing it wouldn't be safe for me to take a nap there. I walk for a few minutes and stop at the first empty cabin. I put my head in it and smell an ocean-like scent. I'm a really big fan of oceans so I walk by it and the next one because it was decorated with and smelled like flowers. 

     Hey, what can I say? I'm picky.

     The next one was empty as well. I looked inside to find a dome-shaped ceiling with moving mosaics of a cloudy sky and thunder blots, and a statue in the middle of the room that I recognized as Zeus, King of the Gods. The bad part was that it had no beds in it. I quickly run back to the cabin I was in before and grabbed a blanket and sheets and a pillow from a random bed and run back to the cabin with Zeus before they anyone could question me. 

     I lay them out on the marble floor and lay down on, dozing off as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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