The Christmas Miarcle

When three kids lose their mother so soon before Christmas they must pull together and not only help themselves through the tragedy but also their mother's sister as well. What will happen Christmas morning when they come downstairs? What will they see?


1. The Miarcle




"Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring-not even a mouse." The three children huddled next to the fire, replaying the recording of their recently departed mother tell them their favorite Christmas story. The eldest, Genevieve leaned against her brother Joseph as she watched her little sister hug the tape recorder tightly against her nine year old self and cry 'Mama'. Genevieve held her sister close and sighed. In the morning they would be taken from their childhood home and be placed in their Aunt Gladys' care. 


"Why did Mama have to go?" Little Jessica asked,


"She didn't want to Jessi. She had to visit the angel's, and they asked her to stay with them forever."


"And she said yes? Why?"


"She was in pain here, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how much she loved us she was hurting and she needed to live with the angel's to get better."


"She didn't want to leave us?"


"No Jessi, she didn't." Jessica crawled into her sister's lap and fell asleep. The presents their mother had purchased were packed away in suit cases ready to go to Aunt Gladys' and Genevieve had packed her and her sibling's belongings days ago, she knew her mother was dying, and her mother had trusted her with her final words and her will. She gave her eldest daughter letters to give to Joseph and Jessica when they were old enough.


"Genny? What's Aunt Gladys like anyway?"


"Well she's nice I suppose, I haven't seen her since I was ten, and you were five, Jessi was two I think."


"Yea, that sounds right."


"She's a great baker, and she tells amazing stories about her time in Italy and Germany. She's short and has brown hair. When I last saw her she was in her thirties."


"She sounds amazing."


"Yea, she does. Joe, Merry Christmas."


"Merry Christmas Genny." The three children fell asleep in front of the fire place that night. Curled up against one another, they didn't hear the car pull up, or the moving truck. 






"Kids?" Genevieve opened her eyes and smiled at the sight of her aunt. 


"Over here Aunt G."


"Oh Genevieve, you look so much like your mother!"


"Thank you, can you help me with Jessica?"


"Of course. Oh how gorgeous she is now. Oh my goodness Joseph is so handsome!"


"Yes he is. Here take Jessi, I'll go get our things."


"I'm sorry about your mom sweetie, I'm going to miss her too."


"She was your sister of course you're going to miss her."





When all three children were loaded into the car, and their things in the moving truck; Aunt Gladys made her way to her home, five in a half hours away. Genevieve starred ahead of her the entire way, not talking to either her aunt nor her siblings. The death of her mother was finally hitting her and the denial was finally chipping away. Without realizing it she burst into tears, Aunt Gladys looked over and smiled a knowing smile,


"Kiddo, its going be okay, I promise you. I went through the same thing when I lost my mom."


"What did you do? To get over it I mean."


"Oh I never got over it. I simply adopted hobbies to keep my mind off my grief."




"Well yes, I took up ceramics, yoga, horseback riding...anything to keep me busy."


"Can you teach me how to ride a horse? It sounds like so much fun."


"Of course I can sweetheart. I own five horses myself, and I love each and every one like they were my children."


"Aunt Gladys, did you know my mother was sick?"


"Yes, she's been sick for seventeen years. Its a wonder she had Joseph and Jessica."


"Yes, they're miracles in themselves. Seventeen years? She had cancer for all of my existence, and she still made it to every single talent show, dance recital, and the like."


"She loved you three so much. She didn't even take the Chemo."


"Why didn't she tell me?"


"She didn't want you three to worry."


"She left you the house you know, well until I'm old enough to live there by myself."


"Which will be in two years dear."


"Yea, I suppose. When are going to get there?"


"Two more exits."


"Okay, I'm going to try to sleep."


"Okay dear."


Genevieve fell into a restless sleep, she dreamt of her mother, how sickly she had become in the last few months, but still managed to wake up every morning to make sure that all three of them went to school. She dreamt of her mother's passing. How she had been the only one there at the time. Her brother at soccer practice, and Jessica at her friends house. She dreamt of the friend that had come to live with them until her aunt could come and get them. She felt herself in the dream start to shake, 


"Genny, we're here." Her brother was shaking her awake, roughly but he was smiling. She looked out the window and saw her aunt's home. It was huge, and she saw the horse stable out back. She smiled and saw the moving truck already being unloaded. She rushed to the trunk and unpacked her things. Her guitar case strapped to her back, and her carry on's in her hands to made her way to the house, she put down her things and began helping unload the truck. Joseph brought in a sleeping Jessica, and her dog came in yelping with excitement. When the truck was empty and the tail lights were disappearing her aunt helped them find their rooms and settle in for the night.


"Good night you three. I'll see you in the morning. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve."


"So it is, goodnight Aunt Gladys." Genevieve entered her room, and set down her bags. She climbed into bed, not caring that she wore her jeans and baggy sweatshirt still. She fell asleep excited for the first time in weeks. After all, it was her first Christmas away from her warm southern home in Memphis, and her first in snowy Pennsylvania.  She woke up to a bright white light coming from the window. She realized it was the sun's rays reflecting off the snow. She smiled and went downstairs to find her aunt in the kitchen making breakfast. 


"Hello dear, how was your night?"


"Great. I slept like a rock."


"Well your brother and sister went out to the barn to meet the horses, eat up and we'll meet them out there."


"OK." Genevieve ate quickly and donned her jacket and gloves and followed her aunt out into the bitter cold of winter. They entered the stable and Genevieve was greeted with the sight of five beautiful horses. Their names were on the front their stalls, in gold plaques, 


'Josephine, Anna, Thunder Bolt, Tornado, and Cherry'  Genevieve wandered over to the one named Tornado, he was a smoky gray stallion, with a undefinable white mark on his forehead. He whinnied as she neared his stall and bucked his head three times excitedly.


"Ah yes, this is Tornado, fast as the storm he's named for. He's also great for beginners such as yourself. He seems to like you too. Do you wanna feed him?"


"I'd love to!" her aunt guided her to the tack room where she kept the food and saddles and such. Genevieve filled a wheelbarrow with feed and returned to Tornado's stall. "Hello boy, are you hungry?" She scooped feed into his feed bucket and watched with pure amusement as he put his head into the bucket. She went around to the other four stalls and did the same, three scoops in each bucket.


"Are you guys enjoying yourselves?"


"Immensely. Thank you for showing us your horses, they're beautiful."


"Actually, I bought Tornado a few weeks ago, he's your's if you want him."


"Really? Oh yes, thank you!" Genevieve threw her arms around her aunt. Joseph laughed and Jessica looked towards the straw covered ground. Genevieve looked at Jessica and picked her up. "Jessi, what's wrong?" Jessica waited to answer until their aunt was out of earshot and said,


"You are forgetting all about Mama!"


"No sweetheart I'm not. I'll never forget Mama, its just that it hurts too much right now to think about her every few minutes. I'm getting a hobby so I don't self destruct, alright?"


"Okay. Can I listen to Mama?"


"Okay, here is the tape recorder, Joe will teach you how to use it." She watched as her eleven year old brother took her nine year old sister towards the house. 


"Where are they going?"


"Jessi was missing Mama so Joe took her in so she could listen to the recording of Mama reciting the poem, "The Night Before Christmas.'"


"Oh, I'd like to hear that."


"Me too."


All four of them sat in the living room, huddled in a ball on the floor listening to their lost love one's words of a Christmas classic. Her final words, thought Genevieve. She recorded this just for Jessica. The hours past quickly  because Jessi kept hitting replay. Finally it was bedtime for all. 


"And he called out, 'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!' That means you Jessi and Joseph."


"I think that means all of us. Come on, to your rooms or Santa won't come."


"Santa's not-"


"Going to come, if a certain someone doesn't go to bed right now." Genevieve interrupted her brother. Jessi went up the stairs to her room, "Joseph! Why would you do that? Hasn't she lost enough?"


"What? Its the truth."


"Not to a nine year old girl! Just go to bed Joseph!"


"You're not mom! You'll never will be mom!"


"Joseph go to bed." Aunt Gladys spoke. "Your sister has done a lot for you, sacrificed a lot for you. " Joseph reluctantly got up and climbed the stairs after Jessica. 


"Good night, and thank you Aunt G, you didn't have to take us in. And you certainly didn't need to give me Tornado."


"I couldn't just let you be separated in the system now could I?"


"Well thank you, and Merry Christmas."


"Merry Christmas Genny." 


I climbed the stairs, Aunt G close behind me. We were almost run over by Jessi, 


"Jess where are you going?"


"I forgot the milk and cookies!" Genevieve smiled and went down to help her. 


"We'll be right up." Genevieve called to her aunt. She followed her sister into the kitchen and helped her pour the milk and grab a plate for the cookies. 


"Thank you Genevieve."


"No problem Jessica." Jessi climbed the stairs once more and Genny looked at the living room, it wasn't her childhood home, but it would be a home none the less. She smiled and whispered,


"I wish you were here mom." She smiled and turned on the tree and turned off the lights, "Night mom." she climbed the stairs and went to bed. As she climbed into bed she saw a soft yellowish glow come from her closed door. Her door opened to reveal her mother, no it couldn't be her mother but it was. "Mom?"


"Genevieve, your Christmas wish was for me to be here. I'm here for this Christmas Eve, I will visit you, Joseph, and Jessica. Good night Genevieve."


"No don't go mom, I just got you back."


"I'm here all night darling. I just have to see your siblings."


"OK, I missed you so much."


"Genny, I'm your Christmas wish."


"No mom, you're my Christmas Miracle." Genevieve smiled, and closed her eyes, who cared about Saint Nick, when her mother was floating around the house she shared with her aunt? Genevieve smiled to herself and fell asleep, happy for the first time in weeks.


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