Careful Shes Demented~Harry Styles

"Because I can't love someone who is crazy!" I yell and she just freezes and her jaw drops. I didn't mean to say that it wasn't suppose to come.

"I'm not crazy you're crazy!" She yells and slaps me before running out of my room and down the long hallway

"Cecily!!" I yell running after her


2. Prologue

Harry's POV

I never really knew what it felt like to meet someone who was physically and utterly demented. I never knew that someone could be so deranged, but loving at the same time. Is it bad for me to love somebody who is demented?

I did not want to accept that I was falling in love, because well I'm not suppose to. I wasn't meant to love someone, I wasn't meant to show emotion to others. I mean the only reason I met her was because I had no choice. I had gotten I trouble with the law and I had to do some community hours.

Honestly if I could take it all back I wouldn't. Does she scare me?


Do I scare her?

I don't know.......

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