Careful Shes Demented~Harry Styles

"Because I can't love someone who is crazy!" I yell and she just freezes and her jaw drops. I didn't mean to say that it wasn't suppose to come.

"I'm not crazy you're crazy!" She yells and slaps me before running out of my room and down the long hallway

"Cecily!!" I yell running after her


4. Chapter 2

I mean what does she mean by 'not exactly' it a straight yes or no question. If I wasn't able to go home then where are they taking me and why can't I just stay in the cel.

"Do you think that you could explain this more to me?" I ask

"Just a minuet" she says and we come up to a door. She puts in a code and the door buzzes before we walk in. She sits down at a circular table and directs me to sit in the other chair.

I sit down and lot of thoughts are going through my head right now. What if I've reached my limits of strikes, I know that most likely am. They have given me so many chance , since I've always made my bails.

"Okay so could you explain to me now what's going on and why I can't leave?" I ask

"Okay well let's see we've seen you here multiple times Harold-"

"It's Harry" I interrupt

"Right Harry.....we've seem you here quit a bit and you are lucky that you always make bail, but that's not the case this time, so we are not going to take you to jail since we've found out what happened at the local bar you were at" she says and I smile and in my head I'm like 'YES!' But I'm cool on the outside.

"So I can leave?"

"No....we want you to have community service, but it's more of an lock down" she explain

"Okay but if I'm on lock down aren't i in jail?"

"No because it's not jail it's-"

"Then what is it?"

"I'm getting there" she sighs obviously done with me already. "You will be sent to a Mental Institute for the Unstable"

Did she just say what I think she said. I mean honestly does she think that I'm insane or unstable, I get in trouble but I'm not unstable.

"What! I'm not unstable" I say

"That's not what we're saying just ease calm down" she says and clenches her fist in frustration

"Okay then why do inhale to go there?"

"Because that's the community service, you will be staying in the gust area and when you wake up in the morning you will go and you will be assigned a patient to care for, they need help over there and this is all we can do to help them by getting helpers"

Well I mean that sounds bad since I don't know how to work with people who are unstable. Then again maybe it's better than going to jail, I think they are doing this on purpose to make me feel bad and change my 'ways'

"Okay how long am I suppose to stay?"

"Well since your record is as long as your arm it's undecided" she says looking at my record. I started getting things on my record when I was twelve so I've had some time to make a list.

"That's unfair" I say. She shakes her head and then whistles. I look at her strangely and two guys dressed in white come through the doors and lift me up out of the chair. I open my mouth to say something but I am stopped.

"This could hopefully change your pathetic ways and maybe even more, so just shut up and let the nice men take you" she says and I raise my eye brow. She's lucky these guys are holding me up, because this whole room would be flipped upside down. O look that's another one of my felonies. Public display of destruction.

"Let me down" I say and the guys just ignore me and push the door open as the exit with me. If I wasn't being sentenced into the Institute then why are they carrying me like this.

We make it out of the building still holding me and people look at me funny. I try to avoid the eye contact but a crowd always has to watch.

They walk me to a van and they let me down and open the door for me and I step in and sit down as they close the door. They get in the front and start the car.

I don't think I could really handle this. I don't want to go can't they just let me go to a damn AA meeting. Then again that's for people who drink a lot. But seriously why should I have to go, can't I pick up trash on the side of the rode for 72 days like I did last time. That was really embarrassing though. I sigh and I rest my head in the window and wait to arrive.


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