Careful Shes Demented~Harry Styles

"Because I can't love someone who is crazy!" I yell and she just freezes and her jaw drops. I didn't mean to say that it wasn't suppose to come.

"I'm not crazy you're crazy!" She yells and slaps me before running out of my room and down the long hallway

"Cecily!!" I yell running after her


3. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

"Look I know what you're thinking mum but I swear this time it wasn't my fault?" I say into the phone. I'm pretty sure my mum was pissed since I was calling her from jail.

"It's never your fault Harry, I do not have the money to keep bailing you out of jail every month, you need to get your grip"

I sigh and I lay my head down on the wall. I can't stay in jail, I mean who knows how long they'll keep me I'm this time. I had gotten in trouble for being apart of 'violence' that was taking action outside of a bar. I just stumbled out to watch a fight and the cops came and one thing led to another and I was pushed up on the cop car, so this time it actually wasn't my fault.

"Mum please could you at least consider helping me out? Or wait where's Gemma?" I ask

"She's not going to help you either Harry look just do the time and hopefully I'll see you soon" she sighs and before I could say another word the phone call ends.

"Times up" a man say behind me and grabs me by my arms leading me down the long hallway. He takes me to a lower level, and I look around as we pass my people in cells. I know this is the over night cells since I've been her a few times before. Does this mean I only get a night?

I step into the cell, there is only one other guy and he is just laying on the bunk flipping through some dirty magazine. I always wonder where the hell people in jail get shit like that but maybe he asked for it.

The man closes the cell and I stand there for a minuet before I sit down on the lower bunk and place my hands over my face and I groan.its not that I can't handle being in jail I just don't want to.

"What did you do pretty boy?" Th guy ask. I pull my hands away from my face and I lean over and look up at him.

"O just uhm a mistake-"

"You wouldn't be in here if it was a mistake" he say interrupting me.

"Okay well I was involved outside in a fight" I shrug and lay back on the bed.

"Ahh so you're a fighter?" He chuckles

"Nah not usually I've been in fights but nothing major" I shrug "what are you in here for?" I ask

"I was caught selling some they booked me and brought me down" he say and throws the magazine down on the ground "read that if you'd like" he chuckle and I look over the bed at it, but then I just nod.

"Uhm I'm Harry" I say trying to break this awkward silence. I mean why does it matter though I'll know be here a night....probably.

"I'm Zayn" he says and then yawns

I decide to not keep the conversation going and I just turn over facing the wall and I close my eyes.

"Uhg hey man you're not some kinda weirdo right?" He ask and I laugh and shake my head "you know cause I don't want you to like do stuff to me in my sleep" he adds on

"Nah I'm not weird" I say and he chuckles and I close my eyes once again letting the sleepiness and me still being a bit hungover get to me and I fall asleep quickly.

The next morning I'm awaken to a small shake and I turn over and I'm awaken my two cops and some lady in a pants suit.

"Uhm can I help you?" I ask tiredly

"Harold Edward Styles?" The lady ask looking down at me. I furrow my eyebrows confused as I yawn.

"Yeah why who wants to know?" I ask

"Just get up and come with me" she says as she rolls her eyes and walks out with the two cops "don't keep me waiting" she says and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah wouldn't want to upset the wicked witch and her monkeys" Zayn laughs looking over the side of the bed and down at me. I chuckle as is stand up and shake my hair out and I walk out the cel "later man" I say and he nods his head as I catch up to the lady.

"So who are you like my lawyer or something?" I ask and she doesn't even look back at me. Rude I kinda just asked her a question and I get ignored. "Uhm hello I asked you a question."

She sighs and stops and turns to look at me "no I am not your lawyer but I'm going to get you out of here"

"So I can go home?" I ask a bit happier as she begins walking and I follow behind her.

"Not exactly"

"What?"I ask confused

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