Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


6. Prom&Bye..

Claritys pov

i went up to my friend "hey didi wanna go prom dress shopping " i said smiling she nodded btw she cant talk when we got to the store i looked around then something caught my eye i looked at this dress the top of the dress was tinted blue with crystals all over it and the bottom was white with sparkles making it glimmer the bottom was puffy like a ball gown my friend inspected it she did sigh language she said beautiful "thanks" i said after we bought it we got some shoes and had manicures and did are hair when i got home i fixed it and did my everyday makeup  my phone vibrated i read the text "i will pick u up in 5 " the text said i sighed i put my dress on along with my shoes i opened my door to see my friend waiting i giggled and we headed to the dance

when they arrive

i got out of the limo and straightened my dress when i walked in everybody stared at me i got butterfly's in my stomach just then the spotlight went on me Louis came up to me 'may i have this dance" he said holding his hand out "yes" i said placing my hand in his we went the dance floor and slowed dance "you look lovely " he whispered in my ear i blushed "the prom king and queen are... Louis And Clarity!!" the person said we laughed at ecother shocked we went up and got our crowns me i went to the table to get something to drink when i was pouring my drink i saw Jessica the schools slut "hi clarity u look ugly in that dress and crown what happened if i wearied it would be much better on me and it would be a shame if it got ruined " she said and smirked she took my drink and spilled it on my dress "oops" she said i gasped backing away everyone looked at my i pushed threw the crowd crying and ran in the forest "clarity" Louis yelled i ignored and kept running i tripped over a stump and fell causing me to sprain my ankle i screamed in pain crying just then niall found me i cried niall carried me on his back out of the woods i got off his back "thanks" i said and hopped to my car when i got home i  took my dress off and got the stain out i put on my regular clothes i set my camera and pressed record i sat on my bed "u guys have got what u wanted " i said while tears ran down my face 'you guys have won... there's no point for breathing or for living im just done " i said "are u happy now?'' i said i stopped the recording and posted it i got a phone call i ignored it and pushed me stuff to the ground crying while things broke and shattered i went in the bathroom

Louis pov

i watched the vid i called clarity while getting in my car "clarity pick up plz pick up" i said i rushed inside her house going in her room i looked around to see everything shattered and broken i went in the bathroom to see her with pills

Claritys pov

when Louis saw me i sighed "stupid cap wont come off" i said Louis grabbed on it "no! no!" i said screaming while holding on to it the boys ran to the bathroom and saw me we both let go off the pills making it falls to floor making the pills go all over the floor "what did u do" i said and sliding down to the floor  Louis hugged me while holding my arms and legs "no i wanna die.. noo i wanna die" i said while crying "no' i said and sniffed the boys looked at me and then the pills the world was turning black i heard sirens in the back round "no" i said in a fainted voice and fell asleep





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