Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


4. Prom

Louis pov

i picked up Clarity she's so hot i thought to myself i sighed and went to our dorm and placed her on my bed i took my shirt and pants off and stayed with my boxers on i went beside her and fell asleep

Claritys pov

i woke up to see Louis i screamed and fell off the bed he woke up "the fuck" he groaned "sorry " i said and went in my bed and went back to sleep (2 hours later) i heard voices ''should we wake her' niall whispered "yea she deserves it" they all said just then they did the wake up song "its time to get up!! its time to get up its time to its time its time to get upp!!" they yelled jumping on my bed while niall was playing his guitar i groaned "its fucking 2 in the morning" i said throwing a pillow at them "how about i take u out for dinner" niall said "fine" i said going to bathroom to put on this outfit


i dyed the tips of my hair rainbow and went out of the bathroom "im ready i said "niall stuck his hand out i took his hand and we walked out of the dorm "so where are we going" i said walking with niall "somewhere" he said we got to his safari niall opened the door for me i thanked him and got in niall jogged to the other side we finally arrived at a restaurant we were the only ones there "how romantic" i said i got out of the car and waited for niall when we got everything settled i drank some coke "u look beautiful " said i giggled "thanks" i said we ate after we ate we headed back to school (20 min later ) we arrived at my dorm i leaned against my dorm door "thanks niall it was wonderful " i said i kissed him he blushed "bye" i said "bye' he said i went in my dorm and flopped on my bed just then i saw louis on his bed i screamed he jumped "i idnt see u sorry" i said giggling i put on another outfit for my class her outfit

 i went to my locker and got my books out i went to class and sat in my chair harry then came and sat next to me i shivered he placed his hand on my thigh i smacked his hand causing him to go higher i gasped silently he smirked i scoffed "ok class today we are going to be watching a movie " my teacher said he shut the lights off and put on the movie since we were in the back it was pitch black just then harry rubbing my vagina i shifted in disgust he giggled evilly i covered my mouth from moaning he looked at me and bit his lip   the bell rang i thanked god and ran out the class room "ok guys there is a prom next week so grab all ur girls or guys and party" the speakers said and ended oh great i said i went outside and did my homework while i was doing my homework this random guy comes up to me "hey sexy wanna go to prom " he said even though he was cute i had to say no "no sorry " i said he walked away and went other girls then i saw Louis in the corner of my eye "hey ' he said sitting next to me i waved "i have something to tell u" he said he got up and standed on the bench with a mic in his hand everyone looked at him  Louis sang  a song about me "so will u go to prom with me " he said walking towards me and giving me dozen roses i gasped and covered my mouth "yes i will go to prom with u " i said standing up and kissing him everyone clapped i blushed "i gtg to class see ya later " he said walking away with his friends i laughed

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