Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


2. My Clothes&Bleacher

when i got to gym everyone looked at me everybody was in tight shorts and bra i took my clothes off and put that on "come on girls" a girl said we all headed to the gym and there stood the pricks from this morning they whistled "oooh clarity u looking fine baby" a guy said i ignored them ok girls time to show me how many stunts u can do once everyone tried to do it on the balance beam they failed "ur up clarity" the coach said they boys stared at me i got on the balance beam the coach blew his whistle i started with a black flip and then a front flip doing 2 twirls in the air then landing with a splits i got up with out using my hands and did a backflip ending it with a triple front flip with 2 twirls making me land in a splits i stood up and looked at the coach he stood there shocked the boys whistled "something wrong coach" i sad looking at him "ur amazing no one in are team could do that  ur in" he said i smiled all the girls crowed around me "wow u were amazing" a girl said i thanked her "do 6 laps" the coach said we all started running when i was jogging the Irish guy came up to me " u did good can u beat me ' he said running faster "oh its on Irish leprechaun" i said i started running fast soon i caught up with him i waved and went faster the coach blew his whistle i stopped running and tried to catch my breath "ok guys go hit the showers "he said we all went to the showers and took one when i went to my locker all my stuff was stolen i slammed my locker "really" i mumbled i wrapped a towel around me looking around when i went out of gym class i saw the boys with my clothes they smirked and ran i ran after them all the boys stared at me smirking  they boys stopped running and gave me my clothes i laughed and grabbed them i walked to my dorm and saw them following me i went faster and opened the door to see my roommate just then the other boys snatched my towel away and cheered the guys down the hall whistled i screamed and went under my bed sheets just then i felt someone sit on my bed "go away" i said sniffing " i didn't introduce myself my name is Louis and the other boys are ,niall, zayn. Liam and harry 'good to know" i said putting the sheets up to my chest i went in my dresser and put on my clothes quickly i flopped on my bed just then the boys came in i got up and pushed threw them and went under the bleachers i called my friend she answered "Anna " i chocked 'girl i miss u to much " she said i can tell she was crying "me to " i said  :its great here but im stuck with these 5 boys everyday" i said "lucky bish " she said i laughed " on Saturday can u visit me " i said "yea '' she said '' my room number is 201 whelp got to go bye " i said "bye " she said i hanged up and cried i rubbed my eyes and started walking to my other class i sat in a chair and went on the computer researching stuff "teacher plz come to the staff room now" the speaker said that mans the teachers aint here yayyy when i looked next to me i saw harry watching porn "ewe harry " i said "what look at everybody they doing the same " he said i looked around and saw girls sucking guys dick "umm" i said "suck it " harry said "no i said he grabbed my head and put it to his penis i didn't open my mouth  everyone looked at me just then someone pulled me away i looked behind me to see Louis i looked at him with thank u face "harry leave her alone" he said harry whined and went to the girls

"thanks " i said the bell rang and i headed to my dorm when i opened it i saw harry there he tied my wrist and pulled my pants down i tried to wiggle free he placed his fingers on my clit and started rubbing it fast i tried keeping in my moan "this is for ur own good " he said and he went faster soon i had a orgasm and my panties were all wet he untied me "see u later ' he said and walked out then Louis came in and shut the door i put on my pants and cried in my pillow shaking ''what's wrong" he said i couldn't talk i was frozen "ha-harr-harry" i chocked out "don't tell him i told u plz" i said he nodded 

that night

i snuck outside the dorm and went outside to the beach when i touched the water my feet felt tinkled  sat on the sand and admired the view "what u doing up late " a voice said i looked back and saw Louis "i come here almost every night when i cant sleep " i said "same " Louis said and next to me

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